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Oh America! America! – Daniel Fisher of Men

Oh America! America!

April 9, 2022 6:01 PM
Daniel Fisher of Men

Dream 10/10/21

I was walking on a military base with a friend of mine and there was some sort of military function going on, perhaps an outdoor church service. We were in the military, walking on a dock with people on the right and left. Some in chairs and others on the ship, though I couldn’t see anyone clearly. It seemed like a dock separating a ship from the shore and I heard someone praying. A military officer walked down the ship’s ramp as the prayer ended. I thought perhaps he was the commander of the ship and the one who had been praying. I asked him if we could pray for him and knelt down and put my hand on his lower back. He adjusted my hand as I was praying as if he was uncomfortable that I put my hand on his back. I was praying for wisdom and the fruit of the Spirit in his life. Then the Spirit of God came in a powerful way and he fell to his knees crying. I blurted out “Oh AMERICA, AMERICA, let not thine enemies destroy thee!” and began to cry. I woke up suddenly, crying, with tears running down my face and, saying those exact words. End of dream. I had the strong feeling that we were going to war and that it would not go well for us.

Note: We are mystery Babylon and will eventually be totally destroyed. There is no doubt in my mind.

If you love the risen living Word, and believe and obey His written Word, and have ever thought about leaving America then please be in touch. I would ask that, if you contact me, that you would reply using a Proton Mail account as it would show a certain wisdom and awareness of the times we live in. Blessings.


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