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October 10: Destruction, Volcano – Warrior for God

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October 10: Destruction, Volcano

October 7, 2020
Warrior for God [Jacqueline]
South Africa

Auto Generated Transcript

hi everyone my name is
jacqueline and this is the first time
i’ve ever
done a video like this um or even posted
a video like this i never posted a video
um but i just really felt that god um
has urged me to do this and
i’m just going to tell you a dream what
i had i had it on the 16th of september
and uh 2020 this year and
um and i know it’s from god because he
confirmed it in my dream
and with scripture and i’m just going to
go ahead and share the dream
and i really hope it blesses you and
it just brings you closer to god so
that night before i went to bed i prayed
to god and asked him
to give me a dream regarding the times
we’re in
the rapture you know anything that’s
coming that we can be prepared and that
we can know that the time is near
because he’s put urgency on so many
and mine as well um so
i asked him you know to give me a dream
um that night i went to bed
and he did so
i actually dreamed of myself sleeping
like an outer body experience um
i i didn’t see myself but i knew
that i was dreaming somehow it was like
in between
being awake and being asleep and
um i was in our room
we were sleeping but i was a learning
being my husband um wasn’t at home that
night he was working
um so and then all of a sudden
it wasn’t like a voice i didn’t hear a
voice it was like
inside of me like it’s as if
uh it was in my mind
um i heard the lord say to me in my mind
now um that the holy spirit’s gonna come
upon me
and he’s gonna show me um the dream
or the vision that he wants me to see
but this is why i’m dreaming
and then all of a sudden it felt like my
spirit was taken out of my body
and then i was standing in the in my
but the colors started to change my
cupboard which is like a caramel brown
turned into a darker brown and our walls
are like a light
grayish color it turned into a brighter
gray um so it was like a
like a lens that came over my eyes
but all the colors were more bright and
then on the wall
i saw like a notice board on the notice
board was a calendar
to my left side upper left side but
there were no dates on the calendar i
just saw that it was a calendar
and then to the bottom right corner
i saw a paper and on the paper
um there was a name or word
it said kimiko and um
after i had the dream uh the next day i
i went and searched the word kimiko
to see what it meant um because i felt
that was
important for me to know what the
meaning was because that’s the only word
that i saw
and the meaning is
senior noble valuable
beautiful child righteous child
and the origin is from japan so it’s not
a common name
here in south africa where i live
so there’s no way i could have made the
name up or even thought of such a name
but it is a name
and then sorry
i’m at work so just have to keep an eye
out for people
um anyway so the name that is what it
well that’s what it means um valuable
noble um and i do believe that is a
meaning to us
you know his children he’s believers and
so sorry about that
these people here um so and then
getting back to the dream um after i saw
the paper
with the name on it i looked up and
there was a
tv there we have a tv in our room so it
looked the same as the tv we had in our
but obviously it was in a different
position because it was right next to
notice board and then on the tv there
was a
breaking news um
showing there on the tv it was reporting
a breaking news event
and i saw a um oh sorry before this
sorry i
i skipped something before i saw the tv
and the the breaking news um
event a date popped out to me what it
can didn’t come from the calendar it
didn’t come from the piece of paper it
just popped out in front of me
and the date was the 10th of october
2020. that’s all i saw was just a date
and then i
looked at the the tv and i saw the
breaking news
um event and it was an event that was
catastrophic it was a
volcano erupting but the eruption was
destructive and there was a lot of fire
and there was a lot of
debris flying around and rocks flying
but it just gave me the impression that
it was very very destructive
and then all of a sudden the scene
changed completely
and i was taken to washington
that’s when i was at the scene that was
the first thing
that came to my mind was that i was in
washington usa
and like i said i’m in south africa i’ve
never been there my whole life but that
was the feeling that i got
and when i looked to my left hand side i
the president of the usa which is donald
and he was addressing the people but it
was in a formal setting
he was just talking to the people like
in a
very pleasant manner and there was no
um like writing or
unrest it was very peaceful everyone was
in agreement
and peaceful and like i said it wasn’t
formal or anything
it wasn’t like a planned event or
they were just casually talking and he
was addressing them
and then when i looked to my right hand
side i saw
a monument but i don’t know what
monument it was because it was destroyed
and i just saw these boulders um coming
out of the sky
and hitting this um this monument
destroying the monument
and i woke up immediately
after that i am i had the impression
that there was also symbolic
um the meaning of the the
monument and the boulders that are
destroying it um
you know ultimately god is going to
destroy all the idols
that the people have created you know on
earth you know any type of
idol that you put before god um
will be destroyed because god is the one
true god there is no other god above him
and we must not put anything above him
he must be first in our lives
he is the king of all kings um
but i also think that second part of my
um that’s why i got confirmation in the
which is in first thessalonians 5.
i’m just going to read the scripture to
you it just described that part of my
so wonderfully well so it says here now
how and when all this will happen dear
brothers and sisters we don’t really
need to write to you
for you know quite well that the day of
the lord
the lord’s return will come unexpectedly
like a thief in the night when people
are saying everything is peaceful and
secure sorry then disaster will fall on
them as suddenly as a pregnant woman’s
labor pains begin
and there will be no escape so this is
exactly what it felt like you know my
left-hand side it was so peaceful um
there was no disruption there was no
um aggression or any type of
unrest you know it was very peaceful and
then to my right
it was total destruction and chaos so
that really confirmed to me the second
part of the dream
and then um the first part of the dream
the date
i didn’t know really what it meant and i
prayed on it and i prayed for god to
give me
um discernment if there’s something
significant happening on that date you
know i did get the feeling
because i first saw the date and then i
saw um
the television and what was on it and
what they were broadcasting
you know i did in my spirit feel that
what that was representing
um destruction for that date
but like i said i needed confirmation
from god
um before i would post anything about it
because you know we can’t just
say things like that um but god did
confirm it to me
through a little girl that had a video
of that
same date and of god telling her that
there’s going to be
destruction on that date
i will link her things below
for you to watch but it is also to do
with you know god coming to features i
really feel
because we are the kimika that was
referred in my dream
we are his valuable children you know um
he’s not gonna leave us here for the
and his word says so as well you know we
we are not intended for that type of
you know he’s going to take us away
before that i’m going to read one of the
scriptures that referred to that and
it’s in revelation 3 verse 10
it says because you have obeyed my
command to preserve i will protect you
from the great time of testing that will
come upon the world to test those who
belong to this world
i am coming soon and these multiple
places um
in the scriptures that also refer that
we are not um intended for god’s wrath
it’s the people who have rejected him
um and that is you know obviously in the
seven year tribulation
i’m also not i’m not setting dates i’m
not um
saying when the rapture is going to be i
really do believe it’s very very soon
because because god really put a lot on
my heart
and i see a lot of people as well you
know our fellow brothers and sisters in
have been receiving those um
messages as well and also in their
but i do believe that god is trying to
warn us
and anyone else that might be left
as well or people that don’t believe um
that they will turn to him and turn from
their ways and
make him the king of his of their hearts
you know and and to believe in him and
to believe in the salvation of jesus
that he died on the cross of our sins
and he rose on the third day
and that his blood his blood cleanses us
from all those sins and makes us holy
before god
we are the righteous children of god and
we need to
to accept that because it’s such a
wonderful gift
so i really hope that this will bless
i really hope that it will um
give you confirmation of something maybe
god put on your heart
to share because i really feel the time
is so short
and we need to get the message out there
to everyone
so that they can repent and turn from
their ways and turn to god
and if we’re already waiting and
watching for him
i just pray that you’ll stay blessed and
have a wonderfully
amazing day thank you so much

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