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Catherine’s Rapture Dream and God’s Message – Shofar Blower

Catherine’s Rapture Dream and God’s Message

9 year old from Indonesia Dream of Rapture
September 30, 2020
Shofar Blower

Auto Generated Transcript

hello my name is katrin i’m nine years
old and i
am in fourth grade the reason why i made
this video is because i wanna tell the
message that i got from god and the
dream that i got from god
and my mom will help me out if i forget
some parts of my dream
oh yes and by the way i’m from indonesia
so let’s start off with the message that
i got from god
so on september 18 before i slept i
heard god
spoke to me on october
10 there will be a big disaster
and that night i had a very long dream
the fourth one of the same dream
and the dream was i saw a big dark blue
on microchip
that went right past by me my sister and
my mom
like this and it went through
the hallway and
it landed on my dining table and from
the front door
bulgari dr fauci and tree guards came
and said we should vaccine these people
and then we got raptured
it was on a new year and i was in a zoom
class my teacher said
grade 4 please make a line and that’s
how i know
i was still in grade 4. how do you know
that it was on a new year
because i heard a loud
voice of the shofar it was long and loud
and then what happened and then we were
what did you see when you were raptured
um i saw tall buildings
clouds and i go to space
um did you see other people also got
um yes can you describe
um so how i saw them being raptured is
i was raptured and i saw another country
they were raptured
and i saw another country again and also
people being raptured again
after you arrived on space what did you
i saw god and millions of angels and
okay can you describe how god looks like
god looks
tall and he was big
can you see his face no
so what did god say god say that he
that you were here on the first rapture
what happened to your clothes when you
arrived on space
my clothes changed into a white long
okay so after you arrive
at space you said you look down to earth
to see what happens so what did you see
i could see
um thunder which is 20 times more loud
than the used
one and i could see rain that lasted for
and i could also um after the rain
there was earthquake
how about flood there was flood before
the earthquake
okay and then there was a tsunami
tsunamis okay so
you said you saw lightning strikes cars
yes and how about airplanes what did you
see um
airplanes crash because some
pilot co-pilot and passengers are also
before rapture happens did you see any
disaster happening
on earth um no there was no disaster yet
okay and then um
what happened to the buildings when
earthquake happens
did you see did you see any building or
house um before they were flooded
like the first floor until the fourth
and then after the buildings went down
there was
earthquake and then i could only see
the roof left because there was the
flood was so deep
and after the tsunami what happens next
um there was many buildings which i
can’t even
see okay
you mentioned eyes hail
um yes there was
ice ring hail yeah
and i could see ice which
is as big as a car’s front
windshield the car’s windshield so the
size was as big as the car’s
windshield yes so
after that you said you went up to
heaven what did you do
um we went up to heaven and we
fought the devil with the words from the
and what happened to the devil the devil
got down
every time we say a word okay
after the devil fell down what did you
uh we went back to space to see what’s
on to earth i could see donald trump
what happened to him he was elected as
the last president
okay you said something about nuclear
yes a casino clear bombs going to
america the
bill gates and dr fauci vaccine
kids and schools
and okay so what happens to those people
who get
the vaccine um their skin color
changed explain more
um they became zombies
explained about the skin color first and
the skin
changed into different colors
say more um like
green yellow blue red
and very black and the arms became
longer and finally they become
became zombies yes uh what did the
zombie do
um they eat people but coat them first
and after they eat so kill and then eat
yes okay
um you said you saw fake news to cover
up about the rapture
so what what was the news
um before the people became zombies
they could um tap their phone like this
and the phone would go out like that
and then the news was um there was like
ufos alien abductions
and christians killing themselves okay
so before those people with the vaccine
and with the chip
before they became zombies they could
just tap their arms and
the mobile phone just appear on the air
yes and they could read news from over
yes all the zombies who were controlled
by a remote control
and and you said that finally they got
some kind of disease um yes
they got sores all over their bodies
and when they puffed it was flawed
i saw a tube in europe summer and europe
it was also made by europeans
and i started to go to space so it was
so long until it got to space and it
reached the sun
and after it melted and
the tube on top it was smaller than the
bottom one
so the tube was was a type of a building
yeah so i got in like this i could see
bro gates dr fauci and the president of
holding a frame of one
eye a picture from one arm okay
tell about flying cars um i could see
flying cars that shoot bombs to people
that don’t use vaccine
so who drove the flying cars um no one
drove the flying cars but it was
controlled in the control center
okay and then you saw israel what did
you say uh i could see
israel with war so
israel was in war and i could see
two people in jerusalem preaching
the temple was halfway done
okay and you saw that earth was red
what happened uh because the sun seems
close to it but the sun is still on its
how about the planet what’s the planet
that you saw
um i saw neptune it was still
on its spot but it looks very close to
so if you’re in earth you could see
neptune very close
and the earth became so windy and hot
i could see stars which some of them is
a small medium and
very big which is as big as the mountain
and they fell to earth and what happened
when it fell to us
um people died
and i also saw hurricanes it blowed
so much things and i could see
tornado that destroyed some buildings
and have a clean slide i also saw a
that breaks some houses
okay how about no you tell about harry
um i saw the animal from harry potter
the name is ariel and it was like an
and it disappeared but the shadows
where did you see my side on the sky
and then keep telling telling the story
when it was gone it became an
angel that got big black wings and it
was the name of the angel
lucifer um i could see harry potter
that casted spells to um
that animal and they cast
both and more animals came out
about dragons i could see dragons that
shoot fireballs to earth
so where did you see the dragon appeared
on the sky
makuti doors they were small
and they bit people’s toes
fingers and ears and i could also
see minions that scare people
and bite them too and i could see
monsters from the monster inc movie
that step on people’s foot and scare
okay um i could see you old animals from
a jungle
that came out they eat people
and then the birds um i could see birds
if there’s
people which is dead then the birds
won’t eat them they’re a giant beer
i could see a giant bee
that sting people
then what do people in hiding have to
they ate scorpions and worms and
anything that they could see
okay how about to see what did you see
in the sea i could see
sharks and jellyfish sharks eat people
and they were big the jellyfish sting
people and it was more hurt
i couldn’t see seaweeds that they became
into shapes and
they became like unicorns and some
animals that i haven’t really
seen and those animals came to land
um they also eat people
and how about the ships i could see
ships burnt and
they were gone after that
and a big hole in the middle of the
ocean i could see
a bear color in the middle of the ocean
and it looks like a black hole but
i don’t really want to see what’s in
there when we did angle
tell people about it i could see bermuda
suddenly there was a door came out from
it was a wooden door and the door opened
by itself
and i could see ships and planes
came out from that bermuda triangle
and i could see people that select
zombies also
but then they did not change color
the skin didn’t change colors yes
okay catherine you you mentioned that
god spoke to you
that on october 10 there will be a big
when the big disaster happened on
october 10
where were you in your dream
uh when disaster happened on october
10 i was on space okay so
when you were raptured was there any
disaster happening
before before you were raptured no so it
was just like normal days
yes okay so tell us
more what what did you see
from space i could see lights
small lights and they were christians
and they were protected from bad things
like the dwarves and those
spiritual animals about from zombies
um yes they’re also protected and also
from sharks and jellyfish
okay and after you are
done looking down to the earth you said
you went back to heaven and what
wanted to do i had a feast
and we could only remember people’s
but not the bad things that they did
um what kind of feast
um so we ate
food that i have never seen
that there is like that food there is on
but i didn’t like it earth but on heaven
i love it so much
who was it the first or the feast there
was angels
people and i saw god at the middle of
the table
okay you said you saw your house um yes
i saw my house it was
cold and it was big
how about the road the road was golden
it was made out from goat okay
do you have something else or anything
more to say
so that’s all about my dream thank you
but your attention
god bless you bye bye

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