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Obummer Hailed and Some Spiritual Interference – Cassandra

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Obummer Hailed and Some Spiritual Interference

January 25, 2022 12:16 PM

Dream Rec’d 1/24/22 at 2:45 p.m.

Greetings dear family in Yahushua,

I will start off by thanking Jonathan for all of his hard work on this site. Thank you as always Jon! I am praying for you all, and please lift me and my loved ones up in prayer too. I will present the dream, and as for interpretation, I think it speaks for itself. Pray on this and everything you see and hear, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth. I will add a few thoughts as I go along, and at the end, but as you all know, we see in part and we prophesy in part.

I was given another “Obummer” dream. I am talking about the former US Pres who will return as the AC. In my dream, people had gathered for something I knew was important, but I don’t remember what. There was some unknown man up front at a podium. As soon as it seemed everyone was assembled, Obummer stepped in from somewhere and took the man’s place, briefly addressing the audience saying something like, “The reason for you being called here wasn’t really about that.” Some of the people in the crowd were raising their hands, calling him something like “FATHER.” They were elated, so happy to see him. (My personal note, I have read in other places that people really will want him back and be happy he is back due to whatever judgements/catastrophes/wars, etc. that have transpired in the US. This dream took place in the US after he comes back, but before Odrama leaves for Israel.) Some of these people had their hands in the air, so excited and happy that he was there. He was flashing his shady, charismatic smile. He was deceiving them with his words. (I don’t remember specifically, but probably something about how he was going to help and save them.)

I had been off to the right, near the front. I walked right in front of Obummer, so I was between him and the audience. I was courageously and fearlessly telling people the truth, that he is the antichrist. I then boldy, profoundly, and with great urgency spoke about Jesus Christ of Nazareth being the ONLY way to salvation. (I will note that I am not anywhere this bold, courageous, or fearless in real life right now. It did feel like this was taking place in the spirit and I was surprised at my boldness and authority.)

Surprisingly, Obummer LET ME SPEAK, but I strongly felt that most of the people in the audience were NOT LISTENING. I was speaking with great urgency and articulation. When I was done speaking, I went into a small room off to the right with my things. I sat there for a few minutes and then realized I had better flee. I threw away some items I had and was also considering ditching my phone. (My thoughts being that phones will be used to track us at some point. Those who have taken the “kool-aid” are trackable by what they have put in their bodies.) I decided to keep my phone and was able to leave unnoticed and undetected out a side door from this room. I didn’t see anyone else leaving. It felt like they were falling for Obummer and his deception. I also think some of the ones raising their hands may have been “plants” (demons? hybrids?) who looked human, the ones in the audience who raised their hands right away and called him Father. I think they were aiding in the deception. -End of dream.

Normally I would NEVER in real life go to any sort of assembly. They are tracking our faces everywhere now, and we’ve been warned to stay away from such things. I also know we are not to look at or listen to Obummer (or any of the evil ones) as one day soon it will be everywhere. I guess the main other unction I am getting in my spirit, is to warn people to be ready to be rounded up. We know the FEMA camps and guillotines are waiting for those who deny the mark, (and possibly the kool-aid.) I don’t see this talked about much of anywhere. We all need to be ready to die for our faith however it may happen. There is no pre-trib rapture. Some will be transformed soon to bring back the final harvest, and those people know who they are. Obummer and his minions will be saying things will be all right. It will be like Hitler, who was embraced by many as a solution to the Great Depression leading up to WWII. He had a solution of how to help them, and many were deceived as the Jews were silently, taken away in train cars. Sing a little louder. Let’s not sing, eh? Let’s be aware of what is going on. Research Weimar Germany and what it was like, especially the hyperinflation. Pray for the lost to wake up, get informed, and accept Jesus Christ of Nazareth/Yahushua HaMashciach as their Savior and Messiah TODAY. Please also pray for discernment in all things.

I love you my brethren, and am looking forward to meeting and working with some of you in the near future. You know who you are!

Much love, many blessings, much encouragement, and shalom always,


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