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Obama working in abandoned grocery store FEMA camp – James Eric Johnson

Obama working in abandoned grocery store FEMA camp

2020/05/09 at 11:19 PM
James Eric Johnson

In January I had a vision I was in a abandoned grocery store FEMA camp. Prisoners were all in this corner and one of them said “THIS IS THE GREAT TRIBULATION AND KING OF KINGS JESUS CHRIST’S THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN!” Then they brought out a guillotine and beheaded those who rejected the microchip. Then the Obamanation of desolation walks in wearing janitor clothes and said “I’m here to help.” Then he cleaned up the beheaded bodies.

Around the same time I had this vision they shut down this pet store within walking distance named 49er Pet in Rohnert Park, CA, USA, UN. I felt prompted to walk by the abandoned place and realized that’s where the vision took place.

Rapture trump under Trump and then Obamanation of desolation will be through the UN afterwards.



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