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Obama Vision – Judy Reynolds

Cc0 Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
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Obama Vision

November 14, 2020 1:10 PM
Judy Reynolds

Vision around 7 to 8 am, right before waking; this vision was a brief vision but yet in slow motion so I could see each part clearly.

I saw the profile of a man’s face pretty close up; it was not on color but more of a gray toned picture backing. What I saw was the bottom right jaw up to the cheekbone, I saw a square area being lighted up dimly, little parts like wheels and circuit board parts like being actively configured, confirmed and in perfect place. This was very digital looking technology. This profile was of Barak Obama then that part was shadowed again and the whole profile was shown again with the square removed and the parts remained but were no longer highlighted. I then saw from a profile view he began to speak, I knew instantly that what was in his cheek was ABSOLUTELY necessary and connected to 5G, the cloud, AI ..all of it.

I knew that his speech was going to now be able to go to the masses! No longer being human speech. I did see a tiny cut highlighted by the jaw as I was shown the square area lit up at the beginning of the vision. The area showing the moving parts was a very light green, almost neon.

I asked The Lord when the vision was done if I was seeing clearly and correctly and that this was Obama, HE said “yes” to both and asked me to write it down and release it to the people.

Scriptures given for this vision:

Psalm 84
Ezekiel 3:12
Daniel 4:16,17
Revelation 13:5-10
I Thessalonians 2:12
All of II Corinthians 4.
Leviticus all of chapter 12.

This is the purification after having a child. After study I realized the length of purification is 40 days after a Male child is born. Jesus was tempted 40 days in the wilderness.

I do not profess to know the many details of the Beast system though I have understanding personally I do not fully understand the details of anarchy of the antichrist. I must obey My Lord and share this as I have my other words and dreams and visions.

May Jesus Christ bless and keep you brothers and sisters.


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