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Obama trying to pull me down to my knees to bow before him – James Bowden

Obama trying to pull me down to my knees to bow before him

Oct 15, 2019 11:21 AM
James Bowden


I had a dream I was running a race. I had to cross through an intersection through the road into the sidewalk on the other side of the street but my knees were hurting really bad and I wasn’t able to run very fast. From behind me, there was someone that was wearing a black robe that ran very quickly past my right side and then zigzag from my right side to the left in front of me and he arrogantly said, keep up! I said out loud, I know that voice…and then I stopped running. The man in front of me stopped running also about 20 feet away by a tree on the sidewalk and stood motionless. I noticed he was wearing brand new white tennis shoes that I could see under his robe at the bottom. He turned around slowly and walked over to me with his head down so I couldn’t see his face. He stood about 6 inches from my face. I realized that this man was was much shorter than me. He then looked up and pulled down his robe hood so I could see his face. I said Barry Obama! I thought to myself, I knew it! I felt a magnetism trying to pull me down to my knees to bow before him. When I recognized what was happening, I said to myself, NO!! I’m not bowing before you! When he saw that I wouldn’t bow, he put his hood back up over his head, and took off running at an incredible speed in the direction I was running and I stood there and watched. Then I woke up.

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