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Obama is no longer human – Lori B.

Obama is no longer human

Jan 9, 2020 6:51 AM
Lori B.

I was taken in my spirit to what seemed to be a “church” type setting. There were not pews, but almost like a small concert stage with elevated half-moon seating graduating to the top. My Husband and I were in the Lobby, and I heard an announcement “can anyone speak in the Spirit” so I said, “I can” as I speak freely all the time at home… However, when the Usher opened the door, It was like my tongue was stuck, I  could not speak.

Then I felt like someone put think noise cancelling headsets over my ears. I could not hear what the people on the stage were saying there were about 13 of them. They were all dressed in
dark blue and dark purple robes, but had hoods..Their faces were covered which I thought it was odd. Then it was clear to me what was going on this was a Satanic Church. I started screaming
“you must get out now” over and over, but no one could hear me. They were all in a trance of some sort. Not matter how loud I screamed they could not hear me. Then it took all my might and
I drew up from the inner core of my being and started speaking in Spirit and rebuking all of the participants on stage.

I was pointing my finger, yelling in the Spirit, and all of a sudden a head rose up from the 13 participants. It was Obama! I saw his face clearly and he gave me a very evil, dirty look. but I had no fear. I was like a mean, Italian Grandma-ha ha I kept rebuking him in the Spirit. I noticed his eyes. They were pure black. He is no longer Human–I understood this in my Spirit. He is now waiting for his “appointed time”. I woke up and was parched of thirst and was hoarse…


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  1. what

    well whoever is the antichrist gets killed and comes back to life 3 days later to mimic Jesus. I pray many people know that. Many will follow him once he performs this feat and they will believe he is the truth.

  2. Rosalind

    It is interesting that your dream involved “half moon seating” . I had a Barack and Michelle Obama dream that involved similar type seating:

    5/6/2018 Barack and Michelle Obama Dream
    I dreamt that I was in an enclosed amphitheater type stadium. In the center of the stadium seating were the images of Barack and Michelle Obama. Michelle was holding gladiolus that were blurred with shades of purple and violet.
    People were hurrying to buy tickets to sit around them in the anticipation of their arrival. The seating was selling fast and there were only a few one seaters left to see them. There was more seating in a level below them but they were not selling because you would not be able to see Barack and Michelle.

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