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Now Is The Time – Only a Grain of Sand

Now Is The Time

May 26, 2019
Only a Grain of Sand

Now is the time for heavenly bodies, to show their face, to mankind. The evil ones have used their advanced technologies, assisted by the fallen angels, to hide the heavenly bodies, from your sight. The sun has also started to change, its actions, at My Command.

As sin increases on the earth, the sun will continue to dim. I AM the Light of the world. They can not block My Rays, you will now shine brighter My Children for all to see. The evil ones can not dim your light. I AM will increase your knowledge of intentions, actions, gestures, thoughts, words (even those spoken in foreign tongues to the hearer), to do the Kingdom Work, in a world of chaos, gone mad.

The difference between My Will and satan’s will, is that he can not move any farther, than I AM allows. His omnipotence is vacuous, empty, for he is a void. I AM will give you the means to overcome, the adversary of humanity, but you must have complete trust in your God. You must put on the Whole Armor of God. You must pray the Warrior Prayers. You must use the help of your Guardian Angels, and the intercessors of all those on earth, who are praying, for protection of their God. For you are all connected to each other, and your actions, feelings, words, gestures, thoughts effect everyone else on this earth, at this time. You are all Brothers & Sisters. All Heaven is praying for you all that you will Repent, choose God, over the snake king, and enter into an eternity with your Father Creator, not the evil on who was a liar from the beginning, and only hates those he manages to seduce, to join him in the lake of fire.

You God awaits His Children and all advances, towards the climax of the Battle of Good & Evil. Choose not this world My Children, for you will regret it for all eternity.


Your Father In Heaven


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