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To The 144,000 and The Tribulation Saints of Jacob’s Trouble – William Brooks

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To The 144,000 and The Tribulation Saints of Jacob’s Trouble

May 31, 2024 1:45 PM
William Brooks

Spirit of Prophecy YouTube Channel

To the 144,000 and the tribulation saints of Jacob’s trouble: Behold! I tell you many things before they happen so the wise-man among you who hears my voice may become yet wiser still, and that you may know the surety of my words. For Satan will attempt to cover the departing of the faithful in my Church, (for I will snatch them away in their departure from the earth into the heavens) with war and a fake appearing of so-called aliens that are nothing more than fallen ones revealing themselves to the earth in iniquity after iniquity fully rooted in their lies. For they are deception.

They have lied about the so-called universe, for there is no ever expanding universe of random nothingness, but above the earth is the heaven of the heavens, even the (highest heaven) where Yahweh the most high God abides on his throne, and yet he will make his abode with men. Yet he is everywhere present and is all in all within the Body of Christ. On earth resides his pearl of great price, even those who were chosen in eternities past in the heart of Yahweh himself. And so the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof, for I, Jesus the Nazarene, have purchased the earth in my own redeeming blood.

Learn your true cosmology (study to learn) and believe the description and words in holy scripture regarding the creation, for it is as Yahweh has described in scripture, and it is impossible for Yahweh to lie. If, when I tell you earthly things, you believe not: how should you believe if I shall tell you of heavenly things? No, there are no aliens in the sense their lies describe, but fallen angels, rebellious ones, even Satan and his kingdom who have lied and deceived the earth that all may be damned who have pleasure in unrighteousness.

They have woven many cleverly devised fables into a tapestry of lies, and they have controlled both sides of their narratives since the beginning as they pushed forth their agendas. For they control the thesis and they control the antithesis and they synthesize their evil works step by step and their deception is great! But the light of Holy Scripture exposes the treachery, and yet man rejects God’s help until judgment is pronounced and calamity hits. Then mankind seeks to repent when it is too late after judgment is passed, and those who live in such manner will not escape their judgment. For whatever is declared by Yahweh, can no one change!

Many will succumb to the coming delusions that will arise out of world war and the calamity that is about to overtake the earth. For they will present themselves to mankind as benevolent creatures who have come from advanced worlds to share their benevolent knowledge. But it is just the knowledge of good and evil repackaged to suit their ends.

They will have superior technologies and will appear well advanced far beyond natural man. But their only advancements are in evil and they are not of this earth but created by Yahweh in the beginning of creation in the heavens. They were present when Yahweh created the earth. And so the Father in his foreknowledge knew they would betray, and so kept his precious heart’s mystery concealed from those he knew would bring evil destruction to his creation.

I am still calling natural man to righteousness but natural man instead prefers sickness, sin and darkness, and so I will give mankind what he so passionately desires. Since natural man practices evil and loves darkness I will give him unrestrained darkness. Because at present natural man arrogantly stands in my grace using mercy as a reason to lay sin upon sin, instead of accepting Yahweh peace treaty. Even me, Yeshuah HaMashiach, who gave my sinless blood in obedience to Yahweh for payment for all the sins of mankind for all time. Make no mistake I am the true Messiah and all else are cheap imitations of no value.

Satan rebelled shortly after the start of creation and polluted the Father’s creation in a shameless, evil, hostile, and destructive manner, but it was done in great subtly and with lying signs and wonders. Even advanced technologies that dazzle the senses. And in return they demand worship and strict obedience to their ways, yet their ways always bring mankind’s death and destruction for so they are designed.

There is nothing new under the sun my Children. The so called gods of ancient history and their abominable offspring referred to as demigods will return and as in the days of Noah so shall it be. For they are released from their bonds  and torment that they may receive their  full judgment and I will repay, saith the Lord Jesus Christ and Yahweh will recompense them to the utter most.

Satan and his fallen ones refused to bow the knee to Yahweh’s order and instead tried to steal the earth from mankind through great deception. Satan has even tried to steal my inheritance from the Father of Lights! But no one is able to pluck not the least of you from my hands and no one can strip my inheritance for it is given of Yahweh himself and whoever refuses to bow the knee to me, Jesus Christ, rebels against Yahweh’s order, joining the fallen ones forever more.

So I tell you, do not believe the lies of Copernicus, who was a Jesuit and Freemason who served Satan. He simply retaught the words of ancient Greek pagan philosophers. And so your accepted cosmology was imagined by sun worshipers and pagans based on Satan’s lies. Even the blasphemous Jesuits who have corrupted your educational systems with learning against learning. With the full intent that their fake universe may be etched into the minds of men through lies packaged as education. Instead, mindless indoctrination has occurred, and the world as it is truly is not understood by those who live on the earth.

Now the stage is set for very strong delusion and the lies are already built, for its foundations are iniquities and great deception. These deceptions are rooted in your Jesuit educations. For the entire world is deceived by their falsehoods, even the very elect would be deceived if possible. And so the trap is ready to spring and the only thing holding it back is the restrainer which will be removed so very suddenly and soon. Then great war will break across the earth as my faithful are gathered to me in the heavens. Then from the ashes will rise the beast and the false prophet, who will be central in the coming deception.

So believe not their lies my mighty ones, for you are a peculiar people and I have called and sealed you with the seal of the Living God, that God’s wrath may not touch you. I will send you forth as my mighty ones. You will be my many voices crying in the wilderness wherever you are sent, and I am sending you to gather my remaining lost sheep.

For a great multitude will come out of Jacob’s trouble, and you will do mighty exploits and command the impossible, for I will grant many mighty signs, miracles and wonders to be done by your hands. You will do the mighty miracles of old recorded in holy scripture, even in the power of Elijah, except greater and more powerful works will you do than is recorded of him of old.

For scripture states that he that believes on me, Yeshuah HaMashiach, shall not only do the works I did on the earth in my ministry to Judea as the lamb of God, but mightier works than even I did will you do, for I will grant mighty signs, miracles and wonders at your hands as you command the impossible by faith in me. So look to me always. And keep your eyes on me, for I will lead you step by step. Your walk will be one of wisdom, and you will have the tongue of the wise and I will be your strength and salvation, for in me, Christ Jesus, does all fullness dwell.

And so I counsel you all that so very soon money will become worthless and the only accepted currency will require the mark to have access to the world’s goods. Take not the mark, for it is be better to die in this life, (loving not your lives till the end) than to take the mark and be cast to the eternal lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels, for their times have come only join them not. For they will promise seemingly great and precious promises, but their words are false and venom is in their words and their promises are false and full of all manner of unclean things. They will never be able to deliver their promises for their judgment comes, and they have no peace, and peace shall be utterly taken from the earth.

Mankind’s evil will be totally unrestrained and for many, once the restrainer is removes, they will forevermore give themselves over to insanity and evil. Except he who lives by the sword must be killed by the sword, and they will surely fall to the left and to the right in great number, but it will not come to you as you walk for me, only love not your lives till the end and follow my example of selfless service and sacrifice. For great reward will be yours for obedience and faithfulness.

So mankind’s passions and evil will be completely unrestrained, and the devil and his angels will be completely unrestrained and all their evil abominations shall be completely unrestrained, and they will come as the helpers of old. Their deception runs deep and has deep roots that are soon to be utterly plucked up. They are no gods, and they are no advanced benevolent ones, but deceivers, and they have polluted themselves in all manner of ways. And so they will be totally unrestrained and the fullness of Satan’s kingdom will be released from the abyss, for it will be opened.

This will be done to show natural man what he has chosen and give a final chance at repentance for evil will be concealed and restrained no longer and every secret will come to light. Even the lies of their great deception and strong delusions will be laid bare for all to see, for Yahweh has declared it in holy scripture and what Yahweh declares can no one alter.

And so a final separation will occur and many of the complacent whom I love will be left to the trials and testing to come, even so that they may be saved. For there is no more time and my grace and mercy will no longer be given in the same manner and there is no more time for lukewarm ways. Everyone will have to make a choice and for the fearful and unbelieving they will have chosen Satan and his kingdom when they could have chosen me even Jesus Christ, the son of God who has come in the flesh and have given myself as the perfect Passover for all the sins of mankind once and for all. Many will still yet stubbornly refuse my hand of help in time of great need, for my help is an eternal and everlasting help of great reward, mercy grace and love.

Yet, most of the world will believe the lies, and will wonder after the beast saying who is like the beast? They will readily allow themselves to be bitten of the serpent bite of which the venom can never be remedied for it is permanent. For man to chose evil in the times of choosing will be a permanent choice, and for those who make that choice will stand in great judgment.

Those who willingly choose evil will give account for every evil thought, every evil word, and every evil deed that they have evilly committed on the earth, for the books will be opened and there will be no mercy. And no man will be able stand in his own righteousness, for man has no righteousness of his own, for the serpent corrupted them from the beginning and his days of corruption are coming to an end. Thus did Yahweh send me, his only begotten son as a peace treaty to natural man, and natural man has rejected everlasting peace because natural man loves evil.

Great judgment is about to be unleashed on Satan’s kingdom. This judgment will get worse and worse and events executed in judgment will get worse and worse. Woe will be added to woe and torment will be added to torment for all who refuse to repent of their evil deeds. For many will not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear nor walk: Neither will they repent of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

For the fallen ones are no gods, but lying imposters, pretenders, actors and manipulators. They bring only death and destruction to those who follow, and all who are deceived will be utterly disappointed, for their expectations will evaporate in that great lake of fire where there is no hope. And I, Christ Jesus, will utterly dismantle Satan’s kingdom in great judgment, for great judgment will be unleashed on them all, and I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

And so each seal will add judgment on top of judgment, and each trumpet will add judgment on top of judgment, each woe will add woe on top of woe, and with each vial comes the full wrath of God, even wrath on top of wrath. Satan’s kingdom will suffer greatly, and his kingdom will be completely annihilated and utterly destroyed.

For they will gather themselves and array themselves against the coming of the Lord, for I will surely come. From the start of Jacob’s trouble there will be seven days of years for Daniel’s seventieth week will be fulfilled for the destruction of unrighteousness and for the salvation of Israel. For I will purge Israel from the evil that has seized the land.

For neither Yahweh nor myself, Yeshuah HaMashiach, have sent nor commissioned their rulers, for they rule in unrighteousness and their genocides are abominable, and my people pay the price of their wars. And yet so many of my Church believe their Zionist lies, and so understand that I am no Zionist for they are Jewish supremacists, and they are tares, Satan’s very seed and I will root them out of the land for they have laid claim to my inheritance and I am coming to take what is mine. Because, I Yeshuah HaMashiach even I, hold the deed to the earth for I purchased it in my own sinless blood and I have the keys to death and hell. And I have paid for the sins of mankind and whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

So the earth is mine and the fullness thereof, and I will cleanse the land of their evil and the synagogue of Satan will be utterly destroyed, and so I will bring the new covenant to earth and will rule in righteousness. For as the earth gets darker, and more evil by the second, my second coming is closer by the second. Have great hope for my coming, for I will come and will break forth from the skies with the armies of heaven.

Even an army like no other, for an army such as mine has never been, an unconquerable army composed of those who live life eternal and cannot be killed nor conquered. For I am empowered by Yahweh for such a purpose, and I will have empowered and rewarded them for their faithfulness and love for me and my name, even Jesus the Christ! For whoever loves and serves Yeshuah HaMashiach also loves and serves Yahweh, for there is no higher than the great God of Israel! Whosoever denies the Son, the same has not the Father, and I am Jesus Christ the only-begotten of the Father who offered himself for the sins of all, and I am forever high priest after the Order of Melchizedek.

And I will utterly defeat the dragon, the beast and the false prophet. For the beast and false prophet will be cast alive in that burning lake that burns the hottest flames of blue that can never be quenched and of which there will not be even a second of rest. But all of their evil deeds will be returned to them eternally. All the suffering they have caused will be recompensed eternally for Yahweh will repay every evil deed to the uttermost farthing into their own evil bosoms, and they will pay eternally for their crimes.

And so Satan will be bound in the abyss for a thousand years for so has been declared by Yahweh. I, Yeshuah HaMashiach, will rule the earth in righteousness for a day. For with Yahweh a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. And I will rule from the throne of David and in Israel will my rule abide in fulfillment of the promises made by Yahweh to the Fathers, and my day is nearly here.

But first judgment must come on the earth and the earth will be purged of every evil thing. For there will be no evil thing allowed into my kingdom, and there will be peace and safety as promised by Yahweh himself. And the lion shall lie down with the lamb. I even, I Yeshuah HaMashiach, declare the words before they happen that you may know that the God of Israel has come to gather his lost sheep of the house of Israel to me the Chief Shepherd and I will smite the nations with a rod of iron and I will utterly subdue the Father’s creation in righteousness and true holiness. There is time no more.

I am Yeshuah HaMashiach, the true Messiah to my people Israel
I am he that will rule the earth in righteousness from the Throne of David
I am he who will appear in the clouds with the armies of heaven, for I will command them
I am he who will gather my remnant as a great multitude from the coming tribulation
I am he who tests the hearts of men, and I will separate the sheep from the goats
I am the Lord of harvest and the times of harvest have come
I am the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and who can stand?

Behold the day of the Lord is about to break across the earth in calamity and judgment. For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?


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