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NOW HERE IT COMES! – Sammy Omosh



May 8, 2022 8:52 AM
Sammy Omosh
Ezek7:3 I will judge you according to your ways and i will punish you for all abominations.Then you will know that iam the Lord. Ezek7:6 It has awakened against you.Behold it comes.your doom has come to you,o inhabitants of the land.The time has come;the day is near,a day of Tumult and not of joyful shouting on the mountains. Ezek7:12 The day has come;the day has arrived. Ezek7:25 When anguish comes they will seek peace,but there shall be none.

On 4/4/22 partly in my message i described the vision of the3rd President of Kenya.Sadly he passed away on 22/4/22 and subsequently a holiday was declared on the day of the State funeral service.The casket lay in state for 3 days,hence this prophecy was fulfilled.

On 19/4/22 In a revelation at dawn,iam standing in the front of the house with a family member.All of a sudden 3 strange vehicles pull over our place,they are unmarked.It,s like my instincts screamed loudly “FLEE”.I dashed through the back door like an athlete on a track and off i went to some place.I see some uniformed officers converse with a man i know.I could see them from my hiding spot,but i remain invisible to them.Their mission comes to a dead end and the dream lifts off.

Dignitary i first saw what is coming to you in 2016.{i know the details by revelation fom Abba Father.}Go to Jesus on a tete-a-tete basis and give your life to HIM.I have prayed for you many times to do the needful.Having a spiritual adviser or going for church service will not save your soul.

On 23/4/22 i woke up at 1.34am from a dream-vision in which there was a constitutional crisis to the office of the Prince.Someone asked “who is the king of the land?”The Office holder was absent[a vacant office.We were kingless,even without a retired king in place!The entire night until 4am the Lord showed me the fate of dignitary.At one time i entered a house and it was very dark inside.Then i saw a lady outside in that dark atmosphere crying bitterly.

On 1/5/22 In a dream-vision at 5.30am,i saw many people gathered in an open field.I could hear a kikuyu song blaring thro the loud speaker and afterwards i saw i saw high ranking officials arrive by the minute.I saw regional governors arrive at the venue and i knew the senators and MPS were present.

On 8/5/22 In a dream-vision after 1am,i was taken to the CBD of Nairobi at night time.I saw the street lights shining brightly,but there was no single person on sight!There was definately a curfew in place.Kenya you will be under locked doors for a while{Spent your time digging on the word and enter HIS presence as many times as possible}Then i was up at 2am and went straight for devotion until 4.48am and went back to sleep.At 6am i saw this vision:I was outside and then i looked up in the sky.What do i see? I See a humongous RED HORSE tranv ersing the kenyan sky.It had a rider camouflaged in white clouds.All of a sudden many many people were outside looking towards the sky. And what do they see folks?There appears many pictures of the flags of kenya superimpoed into the maps of Kenya.They were hanging into the low skies,as if to relay a specific urgent message!Then alot of tergas canisters exploded and the surrounding air was ashy grey,as people ran Helter Skelter.I SAW POLICE VEHICLES RUSHING AT TOP SPEED TOWARDS A DESTINATION.

NOTE:I have seen Baba outside and rains pounding on him.Your time is not yet now Baba with this sudden turn of Events i have warned about for 2 years now.Given the Event to be soon and other Events to follow-Will kenya go for Elections on 9/8/22?Big Brother why are you seeking me?Seek God for ANSWERS,HE is the giver of these revelations.Iam merely a messenger writing HIS oracles{mystries} at this hour.MY HAND IS ABSOLUTELY NOT CONNECTED TO THIS EVENT COMING TO THE LAND.I only have insight to the prophetic events by God,s grace alone.

1SAM26:23 The Lord rewards every man for his righteousness and his faithfulness.

Psalm144:4Man is like a breath,his days are like a passing shadow.


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