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Not Enough – Brian Doyle

Not Enough

April 12, 2020 8:58 AM
Brian Doyle

June 24, 2018

A few weeks back, I was day dreaming about heaven. I tried to imagine as much as I could, what heaven would be like. Walking the streets of gold, but more importantly, being in the presence of Almighty God.

Instantly, I received a vision, where I was taken to the judgement seat of Christ. I was speechless, as I enter into the holy of holies. More beauty than my eyes have seen, and the ground really was a street of gold.

Our Father, was everywhere, He encumbrance, the atmosphere. For He is spirit! Then I looked to the right, and was as if blinded by a brilliant white shining light, which I fell prostrate on the ground. Although, I did not see His face, I knew it was Jesus, my Savior.

I’ve heard this saying many times before, that in Heaven, when we want to ask a question, that we have the answer, before we ask Him. As it was in this vision, being at the judgement seat of Christ, I saw many people explaining to God, what they had done, for God’s Son. Being in the presence of unspeakable glory, and the agape love, that burned within me, I wonder how these people could ever speak to God, because I felt so unworthy, to even speak. Instantly, His spirit spoke to me, and said “They are arrogant, and don’t know Me”. With a thunderous voice, He spoke, “I never knew you”, and were cast out, and my ears heard the screaming and gnashing of teeth as they left.

Now, I was by myself, and I knew it was my turn to give an account of my life before my Lord. I looked all around me, of the heavenly realm, being in the presence of the Almighty God, the creator of existence. The beauty, my vocabulary, could not utter. The love, that engulfed my ever being, and being in the presence of the One who, made it all happen, I groaned within my spirit. What I was experiencing now, thinking of the people, that will never see the glory of what I’ve witnessed today, I knew the dreaded answer, to His question. “Brian, what have you done for my Son?” And I replied, in my brokenness, “not enough, Lord, not enough!”



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