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Not All Things Are as They Appear – Vicki Goforth Parnell

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Not All Things Are as They Appear

October 17, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell

Dream 10-14-22 @ 1:47am, 2:44 am & 3:37am

I prayed again before going to bed last night asking you Jesus to protect my mind and let no demonic influence be possible. I dreamed again last night the exact same dream three times. I awoke at 1:47am. After waking I laid it before you Jesus my love and prayed if this dream is truly from you then I will dream it again because in 2 Corinthians 13:1 Paul told the Corinthian church, “This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.” This is also referenced in Matthew 18:16 and Deuteronomy 19:15. Also, if it’s from you, Holy Spirit, my sweet friend, will bring it to my full remembrance as John 14:26 tells me.

With this being said, lovely Jesus, I woke up again around 2:44am having dreamed it again. Yet, I didn’t write it down. Instead, I prayed again, “Lovely Jesus, in your holy name if this dream is indeed from you, then please let me dream it in its entirety and let me remember it. If it’s not from you, then wipe all existence of it from my memory.”

I woke up again at 3:37am with the same dream burning in my mind! So, I am writing every word down under the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name. Now Holy Spirit, my friend, take the lead please.

I found myself on what I knew to be an island. There are many people here. I know it’s the time of our current modern era, but also of the past when I entered this dream. But it had a slow pace inside it in what I call the rural areas.

I see of the past, oriental people in their same-colored gray or black…some white two-piece outfits with their wide brim hats working in what I think, and feel are rice fields in water. I’ve never seen one unless in a possible movie that I can recall. The plants would stick up from the water in long slender stems of 3,4 or more forming what I call a “bunch.” This was more like a village area of old. If I am myself in this dream, it was never made clear to me at this time. I am currently observing until I establish these people look to be some type of beautiful, oriental Asian people. Then the scene changes.

Next Scene:

I now find myself inside a building, possibly a home. I am standing beside a long table with high back chairs that makes me think it’s someone’s dining room table. There are other people surrounding this wood table with me. Its light, fresh pine colored wood matches the chairs exactly. I hear a man speaking. “We’ve got to get the village ready. The bear’s attack will be aggressive, fierce and deadly.” The woman beside him, also oriental in her nationality spoke to him as if one in a position of authority. “Alert the other villages and tell them to prepare themselves for battle! Distribute the arms among the military, our elected soldiers, and tell them we are now on high alert status officially!”

We all disperse from the meeting immediately and as we exit from the building; I see the members are leaving hurriedly in their various appointed directions. I am still standing on the long porch on the front of the building getting ready to go down the steep weathered wooden steps that’s faded over time by the forces of the weather upon them.
I am praying about which direction I should take and how am I to warn… by what means? The lady of power and the man who had spoken to her both came walking outside. Neither seemed surprised that I am still standing there atop the weather wood steps. “Go now,” the lady speaks to the man. “Go and send warning to the surrounding villages the bear is about to loose his attack on us and all must be ready!” “Yes,” the man answered quickly bowing ever so slightly to the woman in charge.
He is as I would guess a man possibly in his early 50’s with dark hair, no glasses and clean shaven. He is of medium built, but to me he didn’t appear to me a man of great stature. Neither did she! She is a dark-haired lady. The people on this island do not have the heavily slanted eyes as some oriental do. They are definitely, it looks like, of Asian birth.
The lady addresses me. “Thank you for the warning,” she said in a voice of genuine thankfulness. I turned to the dark-haired woman with her dark rimmed glasses, and I replied, “How could I not warn you about what I saw?” Then the scene changes.

Next Scene:

I am in what I know to be a different area of this island in the middle of an attack. I see military men and women in gray-blue uniforms shooting, killing, maiming and also gathering people up and herding them into captivity.

When the battle is all but over in favor of the attacking military, I see a group of men entering dressed as if in the old Nazi Germany type uniforms. But instead of Hitler being in the forefront of this group I see Vladimir Putin!
He is also dressed in a grayish-blue uniform, but he’s holding a wicked looking baton or scepter with a clawed foot around a globe, a clear crystal or diamond on the bottom shaped like a ball. It’s black except for the golden claw on the bottom of the orb, or ball its fingers are encircling it and the top piece which is also gold. It appears to have four rounded sides to the top gold piece that I feel is used as a weapon. The slender handle piece has grooves made into it to ensure a good grip is kept upon it. He holds a small computer device in the other hand.

Many of the captured people who had been gathered together and now held in check by their armed captors let out gasps when they saw Vladimir Putin. I hear words escape some that said such things as, “It’s the bear. We’ve been attacked by the bear…by Putin!” I then heard weeping and wailing from some of the people. They all seemed surprised. Then the scene changed again.

Next Scene:

I am now back in front of the lady of power in the exact scene of before as if I had never changed scenes in this dream. I am speaking these words, “How could I not warn you when I saw it with my own eyes?” “Our people thank you,” she replied.
Suddenly we heard a whizzing noise and then unexpectedly an area to our left erupted into an explosion. It spurred us into immediate action! “Sound the alarm,” she yelled to me as she began running. I hesitated long enough to ask, “How?” “Use your trumpet,” she yelled back as she began running and barking orders to the armed people who had also come running into the clearing, she was in.

“Trumpet! What trumpet?” I heard myself ask out loud. Then immediately I felt something cold in my hands. I looked down and there in my hands is a trumpet, still shiny but dented in places from what I felt had come from warning in many battles that had come before.

“Jesus, help me,” I cried out loud then lifted the trumpet to my lips and blew hard. The trumpet sounded loud and clear and seem to reverberate for miles. Apparently, in this dream I was well acquainted with playing the trumpet!

People began scurrying to different locations armed with various styled weapons. But now the scene has changed into a modernized war with tanks, missile launchers, assault weapons, grenade weaponry and vehicles of all types and it wasn’t villages anymore. It was modern cities being attacked.

Yet, still from time to time I would see Vladimir Putin stroll into a war zone in his Nazi-type, gray-blue uniform, high black boots and wicked baton in hand. He held no other weapon as if he was invincible except for the handheld computer device.

As scene after scene of various battles passed before my eyes, I watched in dismay knowing that these island people still fighting were being greatly weakened. The scenes stop flashing before my eyes to one in particular.

Again, during a battle Vladimir Putin with his several military high-ranking officials walked into a battle scene. He again is only armed with his electronic computer device and his claw baton.
He’s fearless it seems when he walks into a clearing amidst the bullets flying!

I watch as one of the villagers now a modern military person fires repeatedly at him. To my surprise Putin is hit! He takes several hits, several blows into his stomach. Yet he keeps coming! He manages to reach the soldier with the gun somehow though his uniform is saturated with his blood from his wounds.

He then in anger strikes the soldier who shot him several time in the abdomen and stomach area with his wicked, deadly baton across his face, ripping part of the flesh from the soldier. So hard was the blow. I heard the sound of bones cracking, and the soldier falls to the ground, his body now twitching and convulsing in an unnatural way.
Vladimir Putin lets out a triumphant shout, but then staggers and falls to his knees and I feel it is because of the loss of blood from his stomach wounds. Although he’s still in his Nazi type uniform I can count his wounds. There are eight of them! The group of high-ranking officials pick him up and began carrying him to safety. But Putin never once let’s go of the evil looking baton or computer device in his hands. Then the scene changes again.

Next Scene:

I found myself in what I feel is a cave. There before me laying upon a wooden bed that has what looks like large leaves instead of sheets under him is Vladimir Putin. He is bandaged and laying down. In his right hand he is still clutching the clawed baton and the little computer in his left.

His shirt has been removed but he is still wearing the Nazi style pants and high black boots.
He is lucid. There are two of the high-ranking military people by his side. I also see a small table to the right of the bed in which an oil lamp has been placed providing the light in this little cave room. I feel we are hidden in the rural village type areas again from the beginning of the dream, but I am not 100 % sure.

I am an observer now. I see a shadow fall upon the room as if someone has entered. The two military officers on standby for any commands from their wounded leader Vladimir Putin bow slightly to whoever has entered, then backing away to the back wall never completely leaving his side. These I know are Putin’s most trusted men.

The shadowy form of a person falls across Putin’s body and Putin looks up and smiles. I hear a voice say, “Well done, Vladimir Putin. You have managed to weaken them from the inside of the island entering it unaware, for the most part making it easier for me to do what needs to be done. Our deal is secure. I will sign your documents at the time we have agreed upon. Now I make my move and bring back together what is rightfully ours. Just as you have been doing for your nation the bear.”

Vladimir Putin responds with a wicked smile and replies, “It’s the least I can do with all eyes watching you so closely!” The shadowy man speaks again and says, “Yes, as it’s the least I can do to aid you in your endeavors as well.”
The man walks out of the shadow and it’s Xi Jinping, the ruler of China! I hear him say, “Together now, we shall take down the eagle!” Both men began laughing and Putin sits up as if his wounds no longer give him much pain and says, “And when all eyes are upon the eagle and the dragon’s nation, I shall strike the final blow. Then I awoke. All three times the same exact dream. Jesus help us and help me.


2 Corinthians 13:1, Matthew 18:16, Deuteronomy 19:15, John 14:26, 1 John 2:27, Amos 3:7, Ezekiel 33:2-6, Matthew 10:26-27, Mark 4:22-23, Matthew 24:6

Bullet Points

1. The island is Taiwan because the lady of power in my dream is Tsai Ing-Wen president of Taiwan after finding her on the internet.

2. Nobody on the island expected the bear/Putin/Russia to attack them. Even after the captives were gathered up, they were still surprised and didn’t realize until they saw Vladimir Putin who had attacked them.

3. The attacks by Russia/Putin are not literal physical attacks with weapons of war, but some type of attack that weakens the island from the inside. Possibly the infrastructure which Russia/Putin will be successful according to the dream and done almost undetected…unaware.

4. Each time Putin arrived on scene during each battle, he is accompanied by the same group of uniform men…high ranking officials.

5. The Nazi WW2 era is possibly symbolic of war posture that Putin has as it’s the same as Hitler to dominate and conquer.

6. The small computer device always in his left hand could possibly mean Taiwan is weakened through technology. Maybe cyber-attacks, political attacks and such other things.

7. The baton/scepter is a symbol of power and authority…Imperial power. Putin has been given power to do these things.

8. The claw on the orb/ball on the bottom of the scepter/baton could be a dragon claw representing China as partial or full power behind Putin in this dream.

9. The orb is a representation of the Sovereign/Ruler’s power and in medieval times represented the known world. But also, its associated with the Roman’s worship of Jupiter’s earthly representative.

10. Modern era/Weapons and cities maybe a symbolic attack coming. Possibly the attack is a war maneuver meaning what Putin/Russia shall do them is meant for war. Like declaring war declaring war upon them and he’s going to war against them. If the attack had been physical military attacks, then they on the island would have recognized the bear’s Russian soldiers, weapons and equipment. They were all surprised.

11. If Putin literally attacked Taiwan with military forces, then all eyes would be on Russia and Taiwan and not the dragon who is China and America who is the eagle.

12. Putin doesn’t relinquish his power or control, the scepter/baton or computer device even after he/Russia are wounded.

13. The cave Putin is taken to is a safe place or a refuge. A hiding place.

14. Xi Jinping travelled/came to the cave….it is a safe meeting place.

15. Whatever Russia/Putin will do seals a bargain with Xi Jinping/China and Russia/Putin takes wounds from it. It has to be significant enough for China to seal the deal.

16. Part of the previous deal/coalition now formed is to take down the eagle/America.

17. Putin/Russia’s wounds are not enough to stop him and his attacks are successful and the wounds are not as bad as they seemed having only a momentary effect with very little pain to him/Putin/Russia.

18. “I shall strike the final blow,” Putin says meaning he/they are already attacking America somehow and this is the last to come.

19. Taiwan at one time in the past had rice fields.

20. Putin arrived each time on the battlefield after the battles had already begun.

Photo by Vicki Goforth Parnell

Photo by Vicki Goforth Parnell

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