Normalization of Crimes; Distractions and Temptations – Liz Lau

Normalization of Crimes; Distractions and Temptations

February 23, 2022 2:15 PM
Liz Lau


In this dream I was informed of an offsite meeting by letter. It didn’t say what the meeting was for, and I only found out when I got there that it was staff training. I was already retired and so it was irrevelant for me, but I stayed anyways out of curiosity. I was wondering why they had scheduled it to run at night.

The training started with a video. In the video, a nurse asked a random visitor to go to a dying patient’s room so the patient wouldn’t have to die alone. The visitor was a bit reluctant but complied. The patient was an elderly lady. No medical staff attended to her, and she soon died and was taken away. The visitor noticed she had left round silver discs on the bed. He looked to see if there was more, then stacked them together and wrapped them up in two pieces of cloth and took them. I don’t know what the silver discs were. They were all the same size, thicker than coins and had no designs on them.

After the video, the trainer explained how the stealing was reasonable and acceptable. He asked for a show of hands to see if we agreed. Relatively few did. Some were not sure. Just as he was about to ask who disagreed, which would be the majority, I got up and walked out without saying a word. I didn’t even look at the trainer. I had no interest in sitting through any more brainwashing. People were kind of shocked but I didn’t care because I was retired and they couldn’t fire me.

It was very dark outside. I was attracted to some brightly-lit shops and wasted a lot of time shopping. One shop led to another and soon I didn’t know where I was. I asked a lady for directions to a landmark I knew, and she told me to look for a place with a silver mark. She didn’t give me directions but I found it. It was on a quiet, dimly-lit street. There was no one around. It felt very late, sometimes like midnight, sometimes 3am, sometimes just before dawn. There are parts of the dream that I don’t quite remember and maybe that’s why the confusion. Anyways, I found a silver dot on the side of a wooden gate. It was very easy to miss, and you won’t see the silver colour if you’re not looking at it from the right angle. I was overjoyed when I found it. The gate was closed but not locked. I expected to see a house behind the gate and was surprised to see a small gravel parking lot that opened to another street. I went out that street and saw the landmark, and I knew how to get home from there. Now that I think about it, it was physically impossible for it to open to another street based on the location.

After I woke up, I had an understanding that I have to know my area so I wouldn’t be lost, but there’s also a spiritual meaning. The dark side is trying to corrupt people, especially in these dark times. The current staff represents those who are still tied to the world. They allow themselves to be subjected to obvious brainwashing. Those not tied to the world still have to be careful, because there are distractions and temptations that can cause one to misuse their time and even lose their way. As for the silver dot, silver symbolizes purity, truth and redemption, and to find it requires faith (that the silver mark can be found), watchfulness, focus, patience and perseverance. Having to look at the silver dot at the right angle symbolizes a right attitude. A proud person, for example, would miss it.

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