No U-Turn! – Benjamin Faircloth

No U-Turn! – Benjamin Faircloth


“America, where are you? Who do you serve this day? What kind of fruit are you producing? These answers are found in your lifestyle and is evident of who you are everyday! Can fresh water produce saltwater and remain fresh? It cannot and neither can a nation who serves Baal and Moloch worship Me with a pure heart! You have been tainted by the blood of the innocent. You have been marred by the lust of your flesh! You fail to realize My Mercy; therefore, you will embrace My Justice! Your laws will not shield you from My Truth and Justice. Your imbalanced scales of conviction weigh against you, yet you parade your sin as though it is a badge of honor! America you are weighed in the balance, there will be no rescue nor reprieve, for you have been judged already in My Courts! I tell you this day My True Church, flee Babylon and prepare a place in Me. Hide yourself from the wrath of the Lamb, for it will surely come! Do not fall for he false peace that surrounds you. For what I have said in My Word IS surely coming to pass, and you will know it as you see it manifest on this earth! Prepare, prepare, prepare, for the midnight hour is here!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 16)

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