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no place to hide except in Him – YanKee Gal

no place to hide except in Him

May 7, 2018 7:53
YanKee  Gal

Last night the heavenly father showed me something. I was trying to wake up. With my eyes shut i saw a nuclear blast. It was such a bright white that my vision was lost to this. I woke up and just as i did i saw the explosion of white.. pure white.
The father showed me how quickly, in an instant life will be over for many people, around the globe. The foolishness of wanting to create a bunker, a fallout, a place of safety. There is no place to hide except in Him. I guess this word is for someone out there. I hope they reflect on the scripture: ” he who tries to save his life shall lose it, he who loses his life shall save it.” We are nothing outside of Him

in light of the pandemic reread my prophecy AND MORE WILL FOLLOW.

I was shown in that dream/vision all who go to the hospital do not leave alive…FEW do.

this goes along with what is happening… it is unfolding. secondly that vision was not just about this virus it was about more plagues to follow. that showed a manmade one but others not manmade coming around.



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