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many more will follow – YanKee Gal

many more will follow

2020/02/29 at 3:05 PM
YanKee Gal

this is a dream I  had a while back. I am sharing it with you. I  have many visions and dreams. Blessings.
April 15, 2017 dream I had a dream last night, one that left me awake.

It goes as follows: I dreamnt that I volunteered at a hospital. I noticed people were getting sick so I helped them. They got better. They at the hospital commented that I was a hard worker making them look bad and I could easily cut jobs. So they cut my hours back. I went to work and people were extremely sick. As I raced quickly through the hallways and rooms I stirred up fresh air and people got well again.

Then a nurse came in and she got sick, and so did others. So I traced the steps of her entering the building to her home where she lived. I walked through a wooded area that had like thick green moss everywhere. It was fiberous like fabric. It was manufactured air borne. Then I walked further along the river, with fresh air and rain. Then I came to her house. I sensed biological drugs that were air borne.

I went back to the hospital and I was told I was no longer needed or welcomed there. Military Police were guarding the hospital taking people in but I did not see many leaving. I realized in my spirit that the plaque was soon to happen and those who get it there is no treatment for.

Then I woke up.

April 15, 2017 There was more to the dream. In the dream I met with the death angel showing me who would die… and said many more will follow. Spiritually she was doing her job I was doing mine. I opposed her but was no longer allowed to. I had to walk away and let people die.

YanKee Gal



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