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No One Is Perfect

July 3, 2021 12:32 PM
The Messenger

The Choices We Make received July 3rd 2021 after 6AM


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My son take these words down with instructions from your God The Creator. My children the choices that we make, all ,everyone has consequences, even this messenger is far, far from perfect and has made bad choices . My children no flesh that I have created, EXCEPT MY ONLY TRUE SON, who walked as Your God in the flesh, is perfect . Let me repeat that, the only one who was ever perfect was JESUS THE CHRIST. My children you are not perfect, your neighbor is not perfect, no one is !!! So my children why do you think everyone else has to be towards you!!!!, You all have sinned , done evil in your God’s eyes all of you, yet you want perfection , someone who is sinless ,and to not sin against you . What did my son say remove the plank from your own eye in the book of Matthew. My children I am the Judge , Me ,I as your God and My Only begotten Son will judge you, Jesus The Christ, I handed over all things to him , all every . We are one , there are three that bare record in Heaven the Father, The Word and The Holy Ghost for they are as one.m, It is in My Words look it up. My children stop judging others just stop it , if you see your self judging others even in your mind just repent of it , right than and there confess to me and stop immediately from it. Many and I will say this, many of my own judge others. Especially the so called Bible Believers who think because they read My Words on a page as black and white, that you are far above everyone else because of knowledge. Well my children, repent I say of pride , it will be your downfall. I want my children to walk in HOLINESS and do the things that many of my messengers have always took down and have sent My Words out to be posted. Go back and look at all the messages that this messenger has sent, and you will start to understand. My children I need ,want, desire you to walk in holiness and this has to start now as soon as possible. Without Holiness you will never get to where I am at which is in heaven, you will never get to see the beauty of where I am at or the majesty of the many things that could be yours to see, smell, taste and touch. My children there is so much that you have not even scratched the surface on, so much, that later on you will and can be part of ,but you must walk in MY HOLINESS. My children I love you ,the time had ran out and it is now grows shorter and shorter day by day with your eternal salvation at hand . Repent, Repent, Repent. I have always said it and will stress it , it is one of the most important things to start to walk in My Holiness for without repentance you cannot even start to walk in My Holiness, please ask yourselves My children how can you do all the other things that I need , want and desire of you if you cannot turn from sin ask yourself how, That is why I say Repent . My children if you would have a full spirit and read My words, There is so much that can be unlocked for you but the choices you make in all satanic, man’s doctrines from satan himself make it impossible . Again what did My Anointed One say ,let no man deceive you, why would he say this directed at and towards this generation the very last one, the one who will see His Return ,because you my children, (not the worthy ones) the ones who are being deceived, deceive you. Please gather what is left ,forgo all man’s doctrines and seek me out ,and my words, seek me while I still can be found the choice is yours . End of message The Father Your God who loves you more than you know.

Received not too long after message above

My son take this down as well , My children please read Titus chapter 2 and 3 than ask yourself this question , why do you think that your way is perfect, that your religion is the only way to me . My children any form of religion creates pride and that alone will cause you to fall. THERE IS ONLY 1 DOCTRINE ,ONE WAY AND THAT IS THRU MY SON JESUS THE CHRIST, what did My Son say, I am the way ,the truth the light ,no one gets to The Father but by Me , and again My children how can you get to Me , if you do not walk in My Sons ways what My Son taught . If you do not walk in Holiness and everything that He taught and preached about, how can you see Me , and get to Me where I am at , YOU CANNOT, let me repeat you cannot. Most think that if they accept My Son that it is an automatic trip or way to Me, that heaven awaits and that is wrong . If you have My Holy Spirit and a full one, than your spiritual eyes are open and you know that ,that thinking or doctrine is incorrect, wrong . Please My children , please leave all man made churches and just open your bibles and talk to Me while you read and just ask Me ,not anyone else but Me Your Father or My Son, Jesus the Christ, or My Holy Spirit before it is too late. My children ,oh my children time ticks away and you do not seek the true answers that you need. I will say it again, is YouTube ,that cooking show or anything else more important than me your God? End of message . Your Father The God Who Cares For You.

Scripture was told to write down

Mat 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me

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