NO MORE TIME! REPENT! Separate Yourself From This World! – Justin Adkinson

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NO MORE TIME! REPENT! Separate Yourself From This World!

June 20, 2023
Justin Adkinson

June 19, 2023

“Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ,

Who gave himself for our sins, THAT HE MIGHT DELIVER US FROM THIS PRESENT EVIL WORLD, according to the will of God and our Father:

To whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭1‬:‭3‬-‭5‬ ‭KJV‬‬

There are so many in churches today that are believing a false gospel that pleases men. They are not pleasing God and according to the word of God are accursed! All who follow this fake gospel that is being taught in lukewarm apostate churches will be caught in sudden destruction. They are wanting their ears tickled instead of hearing the truth being shared by watchmen. The warnings from those God has raised up in these last days are the same. There is NO MORE TIME to continue loving this world. So many in the churches today are choosing to stay on the wide road which is headed to their destruction. Many in the church will perish in sudden destruction and WILL NOT be able to repent before they die. They will find themselves in eternity where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. They will not end up in heaven like they so arrogantly believe because of the false gospel they would rather follow than hearing the truth being shared by watchmen in this late hour.

The lukewarm Christians mock and scoff at watchmen warning them about the sudden destruction coming upon this world. We speak the truth that no one wants to hear. As a watchman I have chosen to follow Jesus above all others and will share all that I am given to share by the Holy Spirit. It’s his words I have shared and it’s his timing not mine. All of these words of truth and warning are coming directly from the Lord Jesus Christ and God almighty because of the love they have for you and me. The love of God is so great that he is long suffering toward us all so that none should perish. This is the warning! That long suffering of God we have all benefited from is about to come to an abrupt end! REPENT today for you are not promised tomorrow!

God is wanting us all today but he specifically wants the lukewarm to hear this message. He can see your heart and he knows what you lust after here on earth. Turn from your wicked ways now before it’s too late! This could be your final warning. You do not know when your last breath will be on this earth. You do not know when your last heartbeat will be. God has this control over your life and will say when your last chance will be to come to repentance. He knows that you do not recognize who gives you this life you are living now and this time of repentance. That is why I am a willing vessel to be hated by those who reject God’s truth in order to warn those who will take heed and repent. I am willing and I will be obedient to share what I am told by the Holy Spirit of God almighty!

Time will be called in! This church age of grace will come to an end. The bride of Christ has made herself ready by purging herself of this world. She has only eyes for her bridegroom and is watching for his return. Listening for that trumpet sound with anticipation while making herself ready removing all spots and blemishes that this world may have caused to stain her garments. Clean yourself through prayer and the reading of God’s word DAILY, before it’s too late. Very few are ready! Very few want to be with Jesus their Lord and Savior. Many who once knew Jesus Christ, now know this world more, and KNOW NOT THE THINGS OF GOD! They know more about witchcraft and sorcery from wicked imaginations and demonic influences than they know the power of the Holy Spirit that they grieve continually on a daily basis. The lukewarm lovers of this world will be vomited out of heaven and cast into the pit called hell! This is an eternal place where many professing lukewarm Christians end up because they chose to follow their wicked heart and not the word of God. There is no full surrender with the lukewarm and that’s why I am prompted to warn again and again by the Holy Spirit unctions to my heart. I feel the heart of Jesus and he loves all but there must be a choice to surrender all to him and to stop loving the things this world offers as distractions that take your time away from spending it with Jesus. He is all that matters in this life and for all eternity. This is a warning! Take heed!

Separate yourself from this world that is not your home! Do this today for tomorrow is not promised to you! God will not be mocked as you have mocked and scoffed at watchmen warning you to repent before it’s too late. We can all be in heaven together at the marriage supper of the Lamb but only if you repent as instructed by the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only way to enter heaven and you must not love this world.

Jesus is coming! Destruction from God is coming upon the wicked and it will be with fire. His judgment is righteous and it will be swift. The righteous will be protected and taken care so do not fear bride of Christ. Your bridegroom knows who you are and he will take you home to be with him at God’s perfect timing. Trust and obey the Holy Spirit for he will guide you if you give him your time and learn to hear his voice. Remove all distractions and see how the Lord will give you peace and comfort in the midst of all the chaos this world is about to go through. The bride will be removed when God says go get your bride with full oil lamps!

Be a light in this dark world until that great day of our Lord Jesus Christ. When we see him we will stand boldly and in confidence knowing he is our bridegroom.

-Justin Adkinson
A Watchman until I am called home

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