Asteroid, Martial Law, The Mark, Tribulation, Vision



Lu Smith

Unless God changes His mind, and according to the Word of God he can and does sometimes. In a recent night vision Jesus told me that I will leave this earth through the Rapture. He repeated the scene so many times I lost count. It was like He was trying to drill it in me. He said my husband will also leave through the Rapture. I to will be standing before the judgement seat of Christ immediately following the Rapture and I will have to give an account for everything I tell you. As soon as the Rapture happened in this night vision, our house was raided by the military for some reason. They burst through the front door. Also a close relative came to our house looking for us but we had been Raptured, gangs also descended upon the house and while they were in my living room, one of the gang members fired a laser gun and severed their head. They had on white T-Shirts and black pants, black combat boots. I saw them at the front door of other homes on the block. I saw one member in a black Jeep-Hummer parked in the neighborhood. Also Jesus showed me how my neighborhood was going to be destroyed by meteorites during the Tribulation Period. I was standing in my bedroom looking out the window and the sky was covered with meteorites falling upon the earth including my neighborhood. There was someone in my room with me who I knew and I was trying to warn them what was unfolding and they refused to believe me until I kept warning them and finally they looked out the window saw for them selves. The scene switched and I saw the meteorites destroy my home because by this time I was out side, and I saw my next door neighbor home destroyed by meteorites.. the scene switched again and I saw a big puddle of water. Windows in the Bible are illumination. Water in the Bible is life, spirit. Fire in the Bible is Judgment. In another scene I saw the military in the streets with their guns pulled on people in a town. What was on my mind was that these people were Christians and they were trying to force them to take the Mark of the Beast or be killed. They had on white helmets with black strings around the chin. Double breast white buttons going down the front of two piece military uniforms. Black combat boots, and their Guns had bayonets at the end of their guns, which led me to believe that they were foreign troops. In another scene I saw soldiers coming down the side of the mountains to invade a Christian camp site. But by the time they got there all the Christians had escaped because they knew the were coming. I saw a big huge fire, and I saw a lake where their campsite was. Then I saw another scene where it was night and I saw hundreds of Christians running 🏃‍♀️🏃 into the Woods in Northern California because the Antichrist military was chasing them into the woods. Some were cutting big grooves into the trees and hiding in the grooves and covering themselves. Christians will not be able to live Normal lives during this time. They will be haunted and tracked like animals and killed if caught. There was another scene where I saw they had set up guillotines in a huge gymnasium, and I saw the Christians dressed in white gowns standing in line outside of the door waiting to be beheaded by the soldiers operating the guillotines. They were giving them one last chance to take the Mark of the Beast or be executed. They made Family watch their loved ones die by the guillotines to try to convince them to accept the Mark of the Beast. I saw one lady burst through the gymnasium doors crying hysterically with her head in her hands because they made her watch someone in her family die by the guillotines, then they brought the head of the victim out of the gymnasium in public for everyone in line to see to try and convince them to take the Mark. They threw the severed head on a white top table. Come on to Jesus now while you still have time. This will be reality soon.


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