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Nibiru Cataclysm Tied into the Rapture! – Coulby

Author: El Chorizo Japones

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Nibiru Cataclysm Tied into the Rapture!

Feburary 20, 2021 10:29 AM

I had my first rapture dream on February 21, 2021, waking up at 2:54 AM EST to write it down.

The dream started out with me and a spiritually-needy loved one spending time outside.

Then, all of a sudden, the brightest light you have ever seen – more so than even the sun, lit everything up. When the light hit, I said, “JESUS is coming!” My loved one desperately tried to hold on to me as I went up and up out of their reach.

I was SO HAPPY – happier than I had ever had been on earth. The freedom and exhilaration was totally unreal!

Loved ones from earth were reunited with those that had gone on ahead of them. (I was surprised to see one person, whom I always considered rebellious, take part in the rapture.)

When it happened, I had this intuition that the Nibiru (Planet X) Cataclysm was just about to affect the earth.

Upon getting to Heaven, was the most extravagant feast you could imagine. After being seated, I took a look at the “rapture menu” and it was the longest menu I had ever seen. It represented the best food – tastiest food of all time. I specifically remember, at the top of the menu – was a 5 oz. filet mignon for $175. I didn’t know why I saw a “price” next to the item, as I thought it was free, but, later on, the Lord told me – after seeing the price – that it is symbolic of the fact that there is no earthly-equivalent of heavenly food – in terms of price or quality. And, yes, all the food in heaven is free and “all you can eat.”

Just make sure you have repented of sins and love the LORD with all you have so that you, too, can take part in this mind-blowing event!

Coulby, Pennsylvania, USA

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