Next week I AM going to withdraw a little from this world – The Little Prophet Of Love


Next week I AM going to withdraw a little from this world

Aug 1, 2020 1:35 AM
The Little Prophet Of Love

Received 31st July 2020 7.45PM

My child, yes you are mine. You My child have given Me more than most. It is always a disappointment in life when people do not act justly. I will give you all My strength.

You in life have suffered. Each person has their cross. Love is harder for those who do not know Me. Please take Me by My hand. Love, love is what I need. Please listen to Me… AM I not truth? World you have limited time. Next week I AM going to withdraw a little from this world. This is whether My children pray more to Me. Stop with quarrelling about what is truth. Neither is it a worthy exercise for most. Listen, love, truth… then you can say Heaven is worthy of you.

To Little Prophets Husband:

I want My son to be at peace. Wait patiently, wait patiently. My love I will take care with you both. You are both cherished by Me. Nothing can go wrong. I love you.

This is Yeshua. I AM your Jesus, please lift up your arms and follow Me.

Listen I AM returning.

Love one another and be at peace.

In The Name Of The Father and The Son and the Holy Spirit

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  1. Eyes Open

    This is weird. And lacks clarity.

  2. Ray

    Please stop speaking for God. This feels like a poor attempt at making something sound like it is from God. But if God is delivering a message it would have more clarity and actual knowledge vs confusion and nonsense. Please repent. God bless.

  3. peter dekker

    Better stop arguing, guys.

    Rapture puzzle also have possibility that this week something is happening

  4. SILVA Paula

    WATCH OUT ! It was not GOD who said this. HE gave me confirmation. Disappointment and distraction. KEEP YOUR CROWN

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