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April 24, 2022 8:20 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Word Received 4:00PM Saturday 4/23/2022

The Holy Spirit has been speaking about the next advancement plans of World War III, this is the true War to end all wars – remember, that this must happen before the return of Yeshua Hamashiach, our Messiah for then the thousand year reign happens following the Marriage Feast of the Lamb!

Thursday, I kept hearing “Remember the Lusitania” spoken by the Holy Spirit. This was a war slogan promoted in the U.S. to garner U.S. citizen support and soldiers to fight for World War 1. Two years preceding our entry, in May 1915, when a German U boat attacked the Lusitania. It sunk the ship near Ireland and was headed toward the U.S., the Lusitania which had some American citizens. It was an act of war against the British (owned by the British co., Cunard Line). The Germans were trying to disrupt the activities in the Atlantic by the U.S. and the British. They were actively spying.

This is relevant, as we are already very entrenched in battle, though it is not being “broadcast”. Do not for a minute doubt that the War has started.

We have already spent tremendously investing billions in the European theater to battle Russia with weapons and many soldiers.

Recently Russia deployed a nuke test of their Satan missile, 300X more powerful the nuclear bomb falling on Hiroshima.

This is not a drill, we are not “practicing” nor are they.

WE ARE AT WAR! What has been occurring in the spiritual realm (see my February post) is now full-throttle in the physical.

The Holy Spirit shared this through me-

The next phases are coming.

Europe prepare to fall. As the Bliztkrieg (Lightning War) occurred throughout Europe before, Russian Armies with some support and intervention of Chinese Troops and weaponry is about to occur.

You will fall like dominoes, countries once a part of the Soviet Union will fall to the Bear once more. It has been written and it will come to pass. Prepare for the return of surveillance beyond your wildest imaginations! Prepare for shortages, black markets and the unknown. Some will have to go into hiding.

You will not know who to trust and some that you have known all your life will be ready to betray you for the smallest discourteous slight. Whether it was a perceived slight or the fact that they resent you for your looks or your accomplishments, it will happen. There is nothing you can do to change things.

That is why it is critical for you to trust me in all things! I can change things. I can bring favor. I know the hearts of men! I know their thoughts, insecurities and lusts. I know what moves their behavior as the enemy of their heart provokes them to do evil. As the enemy of all mankind seeks to gain greater and greater dominance, the evil will abound through the actions of those He controls. It will beyond the stories you have heard from your ancestors!

It is the result of thousands of years of planning to enact evil upon the earth so that the antichrist, his final servant, will bring about complete world domination.

If you do not know my word, you path is already mapped. You are headed for destruction because you will not be able to see the deceptions.

Your enemy is beyond your intelligence and he has been practicing for many thousands of years. He has been experimenting on what lies work most effectively on people just like you and those who are not. He has been practicing on you and you are not even aware of it. Those parts in your life where things did not go as you planned or when you “acted out of character” just demonstrate how easy it is for him to manipulate you.

This occurred even when you thought you were following me but did not consult me over your choices and plans. Know this, the deception that is planned has not fully arrived and when it does NO ONE, will be able to combat it without My Power! UNDERSTAND? You are not equipped to combat the deception that will be brought forth with out me!

You have made choices that make you suseptible to the influences about to be enacted and you have no idea how this will bring forth submission. You will not see it without me!

Come back, this isn’t just a plea because I miss our fellowship, this is a warning for your eternal safety!

Life will suddenly turn. I AM is warning through the prophets of yesterday and today. Make yourself a trained warrior for only if you have me as your reigning General will you be able to escape what comes.

This is not just about protecting your flesh, for all die at some point. This is about your eternity. Pray that you will be worthy to escape! How you are able to do so is total, complete, absolute surrender to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Don’t ask the person you most trust for guidance, particularly if they don’t have relationship with me, but me alone. Yes, there is wisdom in the counsel of another, I AM is not contradicting my Word. I AM saying I must be your number one source of guidance! I AM will lead you home.

Beloved be ready!


Following this word, the Holy Spirit revealed that in the next few weeks, something critical will happen. The political result will be to deepen support to fight, is my understanding. Perhaps this will increase support of greater military actions on on both sides as the end result? I do know that the propaganda machine is roaring on all sides wanting this War to continue and draw more participants.

I asked for more clarity. What the Holy Spirit emphasizes is to pray against the evil agenda of all involved.

This is not about Russia wearing Black Hats and Ukraine wearing White Hats. This is about factions seizing control of important strategic positions and resources.

The U.S. is not wholly good by any means. Additionally, what little sovereignty that remained is gone. The U.S.(under full control of NATO) is merely playing her role as the elites have chosen to use the U.S. and our resources (finances, weapons, soldiers, military intelligence). I was given a word on this when we completely surrendered to NATO/UN, our military last July with a celebration that was barely mentioned on news media.

I repeat we are NOT a Sovereign Nation (and haven’t been notably independent for years)!

Folks, this is a war of evil. All sides have hidden agenda’s. The Holy Spirits says:

Pray that –

Those who are followers of the Lord are protected.

The lost would realize their need for Christ and repent and becoming servants and disciples.

Pray that all would be protected from evil deception!

Do not get conditioned by media and or people making you believe it evil is attacking a good country. Read your Bible, I allow all things, that includes allowing evil nations to bring other nations to repentance. For many war is a time of self-examination and repentance. It is effective..

Due to the extensive time spent on the computer these past three days, my constant pain increased substantially pain particularly upper body. I suggest you do your own search of scripture, there are many on my war related prophecies that apply here.

I can think of at least more than a dozen as I was transcribing this. Pray for confirmation and guidance. I have many prophecies about the series of events leading to the complete control and domination by China and Russia.

After Europe, U.S. and the Rest of N. America are targeted. Step into your calling AND pray!

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18-19

It would be so wonderful if those who read these prophecies and are moved by them to reach out. I sometimes feel as though no one is on the “other side” except those monitoring me and sabotaging my life activities. Thank you.

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