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NEW WORLD SYSTEM (NWS) -Part 1 – My Hiding Place

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June 22, 2022 4:58 AM

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Dear brothers and sisters,

the following document contains a collection of revelations the Holy Spirit has given me over the course of a few months pertaining to the New World System. On May 28/2022, during my devotion, the Holy Spirit led me to do quite a comprehensive write-up of these things. I pray and hope that this writing will enlighten you and perhaps add more insight and clarity regarding the New World System.

Please prayerfully seek Father for confirmation.

During the past year or so, with the diffusion of the latest C*d jabs, many have become more aware of the relevance of End Time prophecies and the rising of the Beast System or New World System (the way the Holy Spirit has addressed it to me). Thankfully, Father has allowed many truths to surface pertaining to Satan’s demonic plan including the contents and effects of these jabs. If you have been one to think that the Beast System was just beginning to form these past 2 years or so, I can assure you, through the Holy Spirit that lives within me, that all this has been in the works for centuries, actually for millennia – since the fall of man in the garden of Eden.

Satan’s pure hatred for God’s creation has been driving him to unleash much evil, sin, temptation, lies, and abominations against mankind through deception and manipulation. His ultimate goal is to completely annihilate us. So far, his plan has been progressing, but we know he will not succeed. Father will save Himself a remnant. Let me remind everyone that our Heavenly Father will allow Satan his moment of glory, because in this manner, those who have been rebellious toward Him, will receive their just punishment. We are being weighed on His righteous scales and if we are found wanting, we will be responsible for paying our full debt, up to the last penny.

In a vision, the Holy Spirit showed me what I would describe as iron tentacles appearing underneath the surface of the earth and protruding through the ground. The understanding I received of this vision was that the earth represented a covering that is hiding the several layers of snares that the enemy has laid out. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying, you can discern, through your spiritual glasses, that the system has now broken through the surface and therefore no longer hidden. This may be the reason why some may have thought that this System was just forming. But, again, I confirm that it’s been here for a long while. May we all be vigilant and in constant prayer, so that the Spirit of God may lead us and keep us safe from Satan’s traps.

We (except for those Father decides to call home), are the last generation who will live to see the fulfillment of End Time prophecies. Do not be surprised to hear that since the time of our birth, we have been welcomed and launched into the Beast System. There is no doubt that during our early years we were unaware of such system and therefore we have lived part of our lives embracing it, learning it, perhaps even loving it. Now that we are mature in the Lord and have come to the knowledge of his Word, may we shun away from it.

Father is all-knowing. Satan isn’t. That is why Satan -the enemy of our souls- goes to extensive lengths to learn as much as he can about us to pretend, he knows us. The Bible refers to him as a deceiver and the father of lies. But no matter how much Satan may try to learn about us, he will never know us as intimately as the way our Heavenly Father knows us. This is why since we were born, we were given a registration, a birth certificate, a social security, and a health card number. Consequently, many of us have applied for a driver’s licence, a marriage, a mortgage, credit card/bank card numbers and so on. Have you noticed how many stores give out cards for point collection? All to keep our records into some sort of database through which Satan may feel he knows us.

Over time, the evil one and his minions, have devised schemes, improved strategies and implemented technologies to facilitate their end goal all the while keeping the general populace at bay, happy and unaware. We, as citizens of this planet, have embraced what this demonic system has had to offer not discerning its implications. We have fallen in love with the gods of convenience and comfort, transitioning from old to newer and faster technologies. Our world has rapidly graduated into digital: people signing into their accounts using retina scans, thumbprints, voice activation; they swipe and pay for things through apps; download personal and confidential information through computers and phones without much thought. There always seems to be a newer and ‘better’, easier and more accessible way of doing things. Through the use of many electronic devices, what we once used to accomplish in person or through phone calls, have evolved in a more cold and calculated method all because it’s faster, more convenient, easier-to-use. But beneath the surface lies a worldwide net of deception. And now we’re in to our necks!

As technologies have continued to change and advance in all sectors of our lives, we have watched and adapted helplessly. Our world is quickly merging into its final beast. 5G is escalating into 6G, QR codes have replaced bar codes, digital currencies are making their way to try and replace cash transactions. These are only a few of the changes we are seeing. Without mentioning the ever-evolving updated versions of phones, computers, laptops and the like, that oftentimes replace their ‘older’ versions because of their speed, memory, storage, better looks, more apps.

Vehicles have converted from manual to electronic. They are enticingly fancy. Should there be a malfunctioning in their programs they’ll go down, just like that. But who’s paying attention to all these changes? We go from yesterday’s gadgets to the newer and more advanced ones just to fit in with our peers, or perhaps because the old ones have become obsolete. Things are moving at a scary pace. Hence why the Holy Spirit would have me bring you this Word to make you aware that we are much further along into this system that we may have realized. The ground work is laid out while the majority of the world citizens are fast asleep and is blindly following everything that is fed to them. We must pray and intercede for those around us who are still unaware of what lies ahead and may the Lord wake them up before it’s too late.

It breaks my heart to say that those who are more keen to accept all the ‘new’ are our young people. They love innovation. This ‘cool’ generation think the way we used to operate in the past is too old-fashioned for them. Watch out that as time progresses, more technologies will arise: from newer kitchen gadgets, to fancier car accessories, smarter phones, new infrastructures, time machines, virtual worlds and endless others. Pray against these things. May the blood of the Lamb cover us and our families.

Let me ask you something. Do you think these technologies will exist during the Millenium Kingdom, when King Jesus will take His throne on the earth? I am convinced that life during the Millenium Kingdom will be very much like it was in the Garden of Eden before man’s fall. This means that, in order for us to go from where we are today to such drastic change, Satan will accelerate us into his Beast System until all that has been written about him comes to fruition. Then, when Jesus is ready to take his place, He will swiftly bring it to a sudden and firm stop. Praise God!!

Let’s talk about our banking system. Our financial institutions promote opening up accounts where we can ‘safely’ and ‘conveniently’ deposit all our funds. They encourage and incentivate us to save and even lock some of our funds into saving accounts, GIC’s, bonds, mutual funds, stocks, RRSP’s/401K’s, and other investments by promising us a greater return. Yet, on any given day we may access only a fraction of our hard-earned money via an ATM machine. That means that if you had an emergency and wanted to draw a large sum of your OWN cash, you would not be able to do so unless you went through a teller. That is assuming you have time for that and it’s not a national emergency that would force many to do the same. Banks ‘conveniently’ allow a maximum amount for daily and sometimes weekly withdrawals using ATM’s. So, pretty much all our funds are tied within the institution and may only become available if they so choose.

What about voting? How many think democracy is still a thing? Not so! It is just a cover to make us feel we have a say in politics, on who wins our elections, meanwhile everything is being controlled from higher up, from the fallen ones who have been running our world. And God is letting them. YES! You may ask why. That is because WE have turned our backs on Father, we have chosen the ways of the enemy, by committing adultery with other gods, building abominations, indulging in all sorts of sins. We have neglected living a holy life, set apart the way our Heavenly Father would want for us. What should a righteous God do? Should He not take revenge on such people? We have CHOSEN to go our own way, allowed ourselves to be corrupted and in so doing, we will reap ALL that is coming for us.

Zeph.2:1-3 Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired; 2 Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you, before the day of the Lord’s anger come upon you. 3 Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.

Jer.5:19 And it shall come to pass, when ye shall say, Wherefore doeth the LORD our God all these things unto us? then shalt thou answer them, Like as ye have forsaken me, and served strange gods in your land, so shall ye serve strangers in a land that is not yours.

Our homes have been designed to run efficiently and once again, comfortably, with the aid of electricity, natural gas and running water. But what will happen when these commodities cease? What about when gasoline becomes too expensive to afford? Food inflation increases, and quantities available for purchase decrease? What about when our water is poisoned? Time to prepare as these things are not hypothetical. If you read the Word, it’s all in there over and over again for those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying. And no, I’m not suggesting you’d sell your home and move to the boonies, stock up to the brim, ensure your new property has access to a river. The truth is the only place of safety is found in Jesus, in His Ark. If you are already in His Ark, then whatever is coming for the world and for us (because yes, it will rain equally on the righteous and the unrighteous), will not make you fearful. You know in whom is your salvation and you have found your rest and peace in the arms of our loving Saviour. But if you’re hearing this for the first time and are wondering how to go about getting ready, chances are you may need to take this opportunity to go before Father, at the feet of the cross and learn how to hear His voice and how He’d want you to prepare – because for different people it may mean something different. I have touched a bit more on this in a previous prophecy entitled, ‘Do not be afraid: the Time of Transition is Upon Us’. Here’s the link,

All this time you may have been too caught up in your busy life to care or take the time to truly seek the Lord and repent. But the more time that goes by, the less time is left to prepare. Ready or not, that tsunami wave is coming. Remember: the name of the Lord is a strong tower, a fortress. The righteous know it and run into it and will be safe. We will live to see these things come to pass. You can choose to run to the Father and find safety under His wings or ignore and risk being left outside of the Ark. The choice is yours to make. Choose wisely.

Isa.1:19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: 20But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

King Solomon, one of the wisest men in the Bible summarized the book of Ecclesiastes with the following:
Eccl.12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

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