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  1. Tim

    To the webmaster,

    For what it’s worth, with all due respect, I think you are making a big mistake putting so-called “poems and songs” into a separate category. One very frequent contributor WITHOUT A DOUBT hears directly from the Lord, and the words she hears, IN POETIC FORM, have very deep meaning.

    As Paul wrote in his letters to the Corinthians, the word of God MUST be understood SPIRITUALLY. Yet, because many readers here consider these words to simply be “poems” of HER OWN creation, they do not get the same “respect” as so-called “real prophecy” of others. This is REALLY sad; we are told to use discernment, but too many of us simply look for words that simply tickle our fancy, or scare us out of our wits. But, I ask you, is this TRULY the word of God, or from another? There are numerous Old Testament passages in which God allowed DECEIVING spirits to accomplish His will.

    Let’s go back to poems and songs. So, what are the Lamentations, the Proverbs, the Psalms, or the SONG of Solomon??? Are these also not the words of GOD??? God does not change – He had His prophets and servants then, and He has them now.

    A brother,

  2. i agree

  3. andy artin

    I am glad the poems are in a different place because they took up so much space in the pages…before you all take offence, many people have trouble with arthritis and others have problems with their computers not allowing for the next page or pages…I even have to get on a different browser to come to 444, so I am glad the poems are on their own page….if you only knew the problems I have with typing this out, you would understand.

  4. ivan dimitrov


  5. Tim

    @ Andy,

    I have great sympathy for your physical limitations, I REALLY do! Just six weeks ago my physical life as I knew it changed when my dominant right hand was crushed in an industrial accident. But I will not go into detail here, because life is NOT about “me”, but about SERVING HIM with humility in all things. It is about us being Simon the Cyrene, bearing our own cross of Jesus. The two thieves on the cross symbolized this – one recognized God, one did not – but either way, EACH suffered on the cross. We must ALL do this through our own challenges that God places before us. There is no “escaping” tribulation; we are to endure it, just as Jesus did. This is why Jesus said “I am the way”, “Follow me”, and “My sheep know my voice”.

    Andy, I do not wish difficulty upon anyone, and Father knows that I mean this with all my heart. But I ALSO know that this is why Jesus said, “Not MY will, but THY will be done.” Jesus knew that Father CONSIDERED His (Jesus’) thoughts and prayers (as He does with ours), but ultimately Father’s will prevails.

    That being said, I’m glad that the webmaster’s change works for you, Andy. But, my greater concern is that many will overlook, or totally miss, these words.

    God bless you, Andy!


  6. Tim

    @ Jill,

    Thank you, and God bless you!

    @ Ivan Dmitrov,

    Bol’shoe spasibo. Slava Bogu!

  7. Amanda Morrison

    Thank you webmaster. The recent wave of poems was a bit annoying. Especially since they seemed to never end. Personally I come here for the dreams and not the preaching.

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