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New Hampshire You Will Be Destroyed – Pollox / Kjrstie

New Hampshire You Will Be Destroyed

Friday, June 18, 2021 9:37 AM

Last night, I had a strong dream. I was in a car, front seat passenger side, but the car was in the air. Was somewhat freaked out, looking for the road, but it was not there. We were traveling through the downtown business section of a city, at the top of the buildings, weaving through the skyscrapers and over top of them. A modern city mostly high-rise and well kept. I was aware there is incredible wealth in this place.

The car had at least four people in it. I was only aware of one person, someone I know in life, though we never spoke to each other, in the car. Linda is a famous portrait painter in acrylic/water colorist. She has painted captains of industry, wealthy patrons and prominent politicians, most of her career. Although she is a decent, intelligent person, from a good American family, she is a concerted atheist and an adulterer. Totally godless, she has taken the vax. A figurative symbol of the city we were traveling through.

I didn’t see any text but it was revealed to me city was in New Hampshire. Was it Burlington, I do not know? I have never been there in my life. Suddenly, there was a river of water (grace) flowing mid-air through the sky, weaving through the tall buildings and then tumbling down to the street, from Heaven. It was the Holy Spirit’s last stand for these people.

The scene changed, the car and Linda were gone and I was in an upper floor of a skyscraper, in a large room with total strangers. It was supposed to be a Christian businessmen and women’s Fellowship Assembly, though I never saw a pastor. Everyone took their turn and spoke to the group. We were all standing and had to prepare our presentation, to the congregation. The folks all seemed to be young or middle-aged.

Mine was in the works; I put a small square pillow on the floor (the worldly, ungodly atmosphere was so heavy I could not construct it off the ground). On the pillow I spread a beautiful cloth with an image of the Holy Spirit on it, a flying dove. I tried to gather the sides of the cloth with my hands, to lift it off the floor. I was impossible. Never giving up, the people around me converged where I was, and it got lost in the shuffle of feet (the world is trying to overpower us all).

My attention changed and I was listening to some of the personal witness presentations. There was no Word from the Bible, it was all secular humanist drivel. I never got to make my presentation, because the next person who spoke delivered an openly satanic and overtly sexual speech, so I terminated the dream and forced my self to wake-up. Note: Almighty God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit was not mentioned by anyone in the room.

New Hampshire You Have Been Found Wanting And You And Your Wealth Are To Be Destroyed.

Scriptural Reference: ISAIAH

Chapter 46 Verse 12 (partial)
“I have brought my justice near, it shall not be far off…”

Chapter 47 Verse 15
“Such are the things become to be, in which thou hast laboured: thy merchants from thy youth, everyone hath erred in his own way, there is none that can save thee.”

Chapter 48 Verse 22
“There is no peace to the wicked, saith the Lord.”

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