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Near-death experience from hell and vision from the tribulation – Ulrike


Near-death experience from hell and vision from the tribulation

January 20, 2021 1:19 AM

Dear brothers and sisters,

I just saw this dream on your website: https://444prophecynews.com/brace-yourself-be-prepared-part-2-amanda-white/?fbclid=IwAR374EHxZmTE03RHkiu8mygFraI6DjuLVjOZVVznrxWPeY5ih0ih0

Immediately I knew to send you my dream vision, which I had on January 17th, 2020. Well, Yeshua showed me over 20 years ago that the wolves will come ominously close, but they will not be able to destroy me.

I have experienced a lot in my life, one of the greatest experiences was my near-death experience on June 14, 1981. When I was 22 years old, I was struck by lighting while I was driving my car. For about 15 minutes I was transported into hell. During this time an Angel of the Lord was driving my car!

For me it is the greatest grace a person can ever get. No one had prayed for me, it was Yahuwah’s plans so that one day I could bear my testimony.

Satan hates my testimony, so he attacks me through other Christians too. It has been spreading for 5 years, Mary K. Baxter and I Ulrike, we are rotten fruits. It is actually a great honor to be slandered together with this great woman of God. Here in the archive you can read my testimony on my old website after it was destroyed by a hacker group:


Now I am only online on this emergency website: https://road-of-humbleness.com/

I am telling you all of this because I want to ask you for prayer. The attacks are so great, if Yeshua hadn’t prepared me, I could never hold out. In my own situation I see, as of course in the world situation, how close the rapture is, it won’t take months anymore, but it can happen every day.

It is important for us to be vigilant, but more important for us to live a holy life. When we sin, we must repent immediately. There is no person on this earth who does not sin, but no Christian goes to heaven with pride and hatred, I know it, because I was in hell almost 40 years ago, even if there are Christians who say my testimony is one Lie.

I ask you, how stupid must a person be when he is rescued from hell and is then on the road as a liar? I know the Bible very well and I know where liars end up. Liars come to the place where Yeshua saved me. This experience changed my whole life, since then I have known what real humility means! Once again, dear brothers and sisters, there are many Christians in Hell, because just saying YES to Yeshua is not enough, we have to live a holy life. Pride and unable to forgive is one of the many areas that Christians can go to hell.

How many times in all these years have I warned and said how our fruits in faith must be. Galatians 5 verse 22 gives us clear instructions on how to behave as Christians. Please think of me in prayer.

Here is the vision Yeshua gave me. Oh yes, if my English is not perfect please remember it is not my mother tongue.

Ulrike from Germany

Here is the Jan 17, 2020 vision Vision, it was one of those who were more real than reality, I don’t like dreams like that at all. (Insofar as they are bad)

In a dream I knew that the rapture had happened and the tribulation had started. I also knew that very many Christians had to stay behind, including those who had been waiting ardently for the rapture. (I knew even in a dream that I only experience everything to report about it)

I was standing at a bus stop and had to think about how many Christians don’t want to realize how proud and selfish their actions are. Suddenly there were warning calls from loudspeakers and then I saw people start running in panic. Then I saw entire blocks of houses go up in flames.  Then the picture panned and I saw my daughter and me in our apartment. I looked out the window and saw the houses on our street, deep down I knew that Yeshua would make some houses invisible so that HE can protect these people.

The picture panned again and I saw myself and my daughter as we had sat on the sofa and believed we were also protected. Suddenly a hooded man came into the living room with a large laser weapon and shot at my closet because something from Yeshua (by which I mean material for the people) was in it.

At first we were invisible to this man, he left the room and came back again. He shot us with this laser weapon and fired at us without end. It felt like we were being grilled. Then I heard myself say with my last strength: “Yeshua, I command our spirits into your hands.”

End of the dream

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