“Nanay…Tatay!” – Glenn



March 7, 2022 12:23 AM

Sometime after 1996 and before 1999, I had a very memorable dream (just can’t remember exactly the date I received this dream)

I was in a room that seemed to have a very significant spiritual meaning..

The lighting was yellowish and in the middle of the room I saw my grandfather sitting (my father’s father). I said something like “what are you doing here grandpa? (I can’t remember now what exactly I said).

But the most memorable part of the dream was as I approached the walls of this room, I can hear people crying out in my native tongue saying “Nanay…Tatay!”. I didn’t see anyone, it was as if these people were beyond these walls. And their voices seemed like the voice of youth (may be teenagers) and they were calling their mother (nanay) and father (tatay) in agony as if they were suffering in Hell.

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