My Sabbath Prayer – Ruth Johnson

My Sabbath Prayer

Nov 9, 2019, 12:35 PM
Ruth Johnson

June 1st, 2019

My Lord, may You protect and
Defend me.
May You keep me from shame,
May the Book of Life
Never witness
The erasure of my name.
May you love my family
More than I do,
May I learn to do the same,
May You keep on softening
My hard heart,
May I forever cry Your Name!
In the darkness hear my praying,
In the light shield me from harm,
Go before me, do not ignore me,
Guide me with a warrior’s arm.
Use your sword to cut sin from me,
Let me be a servant to You,
I would be ever grateful,
No longer ever hateful,
Please do not let me go!
Do not let me go!
May my children
Come to know You
Each one swiftly on their own,
Not what others say,
Those with vanity who pray
To a God Who does not know. them.
May my children learn to seek You,
May they yearn to feast with You,
May they all know this is no show,
That every Truth lies in You.
Do not ever leave or forsake us,
As You promised long ago,
More important keep our steps
From straying from You.
May our eyes forever seek You,
May Your ears hear our cries,
May Your eyes never leave us,
May our ears detect the lies.
Let me read Your Word, Lord,
Let Me know Your Son,
The very One You counted on
When it had just begun,
Let me know Him better,
It will take an eternity,
And I long to be there,
My time will all be free!
For You, Lord, I pray for You
To teach me how to love
As You do.
Let Me hear Your voice
To be my only choice,
My life’s blood flow with Yours
And whomever else You choose.
Please, my Lord,
Hear my Sabbath prayer,
I am just learning to observe it
And I need You to be there!

To the God of Abraham, Isaac
and Jacob,
Through His Son, Jesus Christ,
Our Savior,
Hebrews 4:1-10
Good Sabbath, my friends!



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