My people are not ready – Andy Dozier

My people are not ready

Jan 10, 2020 4:06 PM
Andy Dozier

I have had 3 dreams with the same theme between 12/25/19 and 1/4/20.

Please understand that these dreams are representative of the spiritual/christian community. These particular dreams are not necessarily about physical attack, though I do believe that is part of it, but are a parable of the poor state of the church/church body and its lack of ability to fight spiritual battles and hold to its faith when things get hard. These dreams tell a story about bad or weak teaching/training from the pulpit and little personal desire for spiritual growth. As well as a body of believers who should have authority but do not, and what little they do have they do not know how to use.

Dream #1, 12/25/19

I was in a non-descript location. I was walking with a purpose; I felt like I had a destination or mission to accomplish but in the dream that was never made clear. I was surrounded by police but all of them were in different states of panic. Some were collapsed on the ground totally overtaken by fear/stress/anxiety. Some were standing but seemed unable to make a decision or move. As I walked through the crowd of police, I did not really slow down but I felt very frustrated that all of them were in such a poor condition unable to do their jobs.

At one point I came across an officer that was laying on the ground all wrapped up in a giant snake. As I came up to him, I reached down and pulled off the snake and tossed it away. I felt no fear or anxiety even though I was pulling off a very large snake. After I paused to remove the snake, I just kept on moving heading to my destination. At no time did I feel any fear, only frustration at the state of the people around me.

Interpretation: Something is coming that has all the local authority figures from the church to the local community government in a complete state of panic, clearly some of the problems are spiritual attacks and some will be physical. There will be some people that know they have a mission/job to do and despite the world around them they will be moving forward to complete the things they have been asked to do.

I have been hearing repeatedly since this dream “My people are not ready”.


Dream #2, 1/4/20

I am in a very, very large hospital in a foreign country walking to an unknown destination, but I clearly knew I had a destination and was working to get to it. It was busy with people everywhere, like being in a busy subway. In front of me just far enough away for me to make out between moving bodies was a man who pulled out a gun and started shooting people randomly. He took off running through the hospital continuing to shoot people. I followed him but did not get really close as I was unarmed (not allowed to carry a gun in a foreign country) but I keep tracking him through the hospital.

The hospital had lots of police in it but most were not armed and the unarmed police were of no use whatsoever and were running away and not helping. The police that were armed were not well trained and were firing blindly at the assailant as they hid behind walls and furniture. As we moved through the hospital at one point I was around a lot of police and I was asking everyone for a gun so I could do what all the other cops were unable to do…. Kill the bad guy. I was explaining my credentials as cop, swat and sniper for many years (which is true in real life), but no one would hand over a gun to me. A female sergeant came up to me and handed me reloading equipment (which makes bullets) and asked if I could use it because none of them knew how to. I said yes, then all of us took off running after the attacker again.

As we ran, I was trying to make bullets but it was difficult to do as we ran and all the equipment thy had handed me was damaged from people trying to use it but not knowing how to use it properly. I managed to load only 3 cartridges and by that time the attacker had done a huge amount of damage and had escaped.


Interpretation: (In the dream I am unarmed and in a foreign country which means whatever is happening is outside of my circle of spiritual authority that God has given me. Very different than my church and local community where God has placed me and given me authority. I assume this is a national or global scale) The christian community and/or the governmental authority will be attacked. The people in authority are of little value in protecting their communities, as the unarmed authority figures will flee and the untrained authority will have no experience using their tools. So, they will be little to no threat to the enemy. The highest authority will want help and resources but at that point it is too little and too late. Not having the proper tools or the training to use those tools takes time to fix and it will be imposable to fix the problems in the middle of an intense fight. The people who could help will not be given the tools or authority to help. If in small measure they are given the OK to help, they will be given the wrong tool at the wrong time, tools that are damage from previous misuse and they will be nearly worthless.

…..“My people are not ready”


Dream #3, 1/4/20 4:36 AM (second dream of the night). This is a continuation of the previous dream, though I had woken up between dreams it continued almost seamlessly.

I am still in the very large hospital but now I am walking with a lot of police around me including the sergeant, and we are headed to a mini police station in the hospital after the first attack. Only hours have passed since the attack so people are ragged and tired and have not had time to rest or resupply. As we are walking toward the mini police station there is an elevator in front of us, and as the doors to the elevator open, we realize there is another armed attacker inside. He sees us at the same time we see him, the attacker pulls out his gun and starts shooting everywhere.

This time I was not caught off guard by the attack and I am immediately angry. I tell myself I will take the first gun I see even if I have to take it from a police officer. Knowing that they could not use the tools they had and I could kill the attacker in a moment if I could just get my hands on a gun. But as I looked around there was not one police officer left anywhere. When the attacker had started shooting every single cop ran away and I was left standing by myself.

I had no choice but to seek cover as I was alone and standing in the open. So, I ran for the mini police station hoping I could find a gun there. When I got into the police station I started looking everyplace for a gun. I finally found one, a shotgun. My least favorite of all guns but a gun none the less. And although it is my last choice for a weapon, I can still use one pretty well. But there was no ammo, I opened a cabinet and there was lots of ammo shoved into the cabinet. But no ammo for the shotgun, I could not find what I needed.

Just at that moment the attacker popped up in front of me at arm’s length. All I had was an empty shotgun. Without hesitation a thought ran through my mind, if I can break the attacker’s arm, he can no longer fight. So, I took the empty shot gun and swung it like a baseball bat, with everything I had, at the attacker’s forearm. I woke up before the bat/shotgun hit him.


Interpretation: Once the attacks begin on the christian community and/or the governmental authority there will be little time or warning between them. The people in authority will be to tired and weary to fight and will run and hide for self-protection and will not be standing and fighting for the community. The enemy will now have the freedom to focus on the few still standing and fighting. Those still fighting will not get the tools they need or want and they will feel like the tools they have are useless. But God will give us the ability to use those tools successfully even though it appears it is a completely wrong use of the tool.

…..“My people are not ready”


The simplest understanding of these dreams is that the church body/church authority/national authority is simply not ready for what is coming. Almost none of the people who think they are ready are actually ready. In the end, the few that stood and fought will end up in situations that appear completely hopeless. If the few can continue to stand and believe in faith that they can overcome despite all circumstances, God will help us to prevail. It may not be pretty and it certainly will not be the way we had hoped, but if God is with us who can be against us!


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