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My Name is Vain to You – Matityahu Yeshuva

My Name is Vain to You – Matityahu Yeshuva


Do you not love Me anymore, My Bride? Do you love My appearing only for the security it will bring? Are you not willing to die for Me, My Bride? I gave My life for you, that you may live in Me and have My salvation in the fullest. Do not look for My appearing if you do not rejoice in Me first. The Glorious Appearing in which I will take My Bride home is about Me, not you. It isn’t a quick way to escape the hardships of this life. Have I not told you so? Read My Word, and do not stray from Me any longer. You have sinned against Me if you look to My coming and not to Me. My servants the prophets longed for Me, and My coming was in their hearts purifying them as they turned to Me in Holiness. Many of you do not know My Word and will perish when you are given the option to take the Mark of the Beast. Many of you believe I will come before these things, I tell you, this is not so. I will come when least expected, when My true Bride and Body have been cleansed and prepared to be with Me.

I tell you true, the state of My Body is abominable. You have brought sin into the Church. You wicked false ones, calling yourselves by My name. I see your ways and I will repay them. If you love Me, keep My Commandments. If you long for Me, long for Me. You can’t have it both ways, for I AM the ONLY Way. You will not be taken in My Glorious Appearing if you do not repent and live Holy in Me. This is the only way to God, by living Holy in Me. Am I not righteous? Will I not visit your sins? Do not think lightly of Me child. Rejoice that I Am a loving God who is ready to easily forgive, if true repentance comes before My Face. I will take vengeance on all those who have turned their back to Me, time and time again. You have blasphemed My Spirit, and will not be forgiven. Have I not told you these things? Please, My Children, you must repent. The line diving the sheep from the goats is being drawn, and if you don’t turn now you will fall into the great deception.

That wicked one, obama, is coming and will be on the scene shortly. He will bring the wrath of satan himself in his being to the whole world. I will shelter My own. Those who love Me, obey Me and trust in Me will be Mine forevermore in My house. Those who have turned from Me, and have hated Me by the works of their flesh and evil ways, will be lost and will turn to their father the devil. Truly, truly, I tell you, time is short. How short? Trust in Me and be with Me, this is the only time you need to worry about. My dearly beloved children, do I not love you? Come back to Me.

Your Father and Your God,

The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Matityahu Yeshuva @ August 30, 2018

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  1. servant

    where did this prophecy come from

  2. Jorge Fernandez

    Jesus is not God. He is God’s greatest angel and taking the name God and giving it to Jesus takes away the greatest teaching that Jesus tried to bestow on us when he said there is only one God and he is a jealous one. Give all grace and glory to him and pray to him alone. God gave is son to evil. Jesus fulfilled his purpose and will now be called Emanuel in the new heaven. I know this as fact because I never lost my knowledge of heaven. Jesus walked me in spirit to the father before the father sent me to earth. I remember growing in my mother, my birth and my childhood. I have seen the coming of Jesus, I have seen the battle between good and evil and I have seen the end of time. The holy spirit, Jesus, or anything other is not God. We have only one and we call him father. Jesus does not judge, nor does any other. Only the father judge’s and the just as Jesus took me to our father before I came into time and onto earth, so will Jesus bring me back to our father before I enter heaven. Catholics and Christians have been decieved into believing the Trinity and false hope. God will receive all grace and glory and no other. And prayer is only to God. God commands all and Jesus is waiting for our Father to command him to gather us and return his beloved children to him.

  3. Fab

    Jorge, please read https://bible.org/article/trinity-triunity-god and https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Jesus-Christ,-Judge
    Please seek God to confirm these to you.Blessings.

    • Jorge Fernandez

      Fab, these words rewritten in time decieved. The Father commands all. Because in heaven we are many, but of one. We meaning angels, are an extension of the Father. If we do opposite of the Father, then we are no longer of him. At that point, we serve Satan. During time of judgement, all will be marked with the seal of the Father or by the mark of the beast. The Book of Life has been written and finalized. The Father has sealed all in the book.

  4. Jorge Fernandez

    August 2017 Satan and all evil was cast out of heaven and hurled to earth. 7 year tribulation began. Sept 2017 Yeshua arrived on Mt of Olives. He rested there in preparation for the rapture. Jan 2019, the Father requested Michael to deliver the Ark of the Covenant to the temple in heaven. Jan 2019, the Father opened the Book of Life and accounted the names. Feb 2019 the Father sealed all who were named in the Book of Life. Feb 11, 2019 the Father gave me instructions for the sealed. Get on your knees and lift your face to heaven, put your right hand over your left hand palms up and raise them to heaven. This will show him that you are sealed by him and not the beast. Then recite, “Father I am a great sinner and not worthy of your forgiveness, but you sent the Messiah Yeshua to take my sins away. Please forgive me as I sinned greatly and hold no judgement within me, for I forgave those who sinned against me. I am but a sheep and I pray to you Father that you receive me. I love you Father and I am forever grateful of your mercy. Thank You.” The Father urges compliance because all is in place and all is ready for his command. My name is Jorge. I am Angel Phanuel sent in the flesh as Enoch, and I came back to heaven when I completed my purpose. I was sent back to earth with one more purpose and that is the same purpose as Enoch. I’m protector of truth and urge repentance. I am a witness to the Father and will be here until the end. Evil struck me since I was in the womb, but death has no power over me, since I was sealed by the Father in heaven before I came down to earth. Have no fear, the Father has a plan and the righteous will be protected from harm. 2/3 will accend with the Messiah Yeshua. This will happen soon. The last 1/3 will remain behind with me and we will work diligently to gather the lost sheep and return them to the Messiah. More and more chosen have awakened. Prepare in spirit and live in FAITH. Our blessed Father is with us and he brought the Kingdom of Heaven with him. Go out and rejoice. Spread the word that salvation is near. I love you all and I pray to the Father that I’m with you all again in his heavenly kingdom. All praise and glory be to the Father and thanks given to his heavenly kingdom.

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