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My Judgments Will Be Loosed Upon This Earth – Cryptic1

My Judgments Will Be Loosed Upon This Earth

Jan 20, 2020 3:57 PM

This message was given on 1.23.20 Then on 1.27.20 I had a dream and all I remember of the dream is staring at the license plate of a car which read 465. When I woke up I went to my concordance and found in the Hebrew:

465: God of judgment; Eliphal, God has judged.

Daughter, many will NOT be ready for that day when I return, even My own. Now is the time! Now is the hour! Do not delay! Did I promise you tomorrow? I did not! I only gave you the day that stands before you.

HEED MY WORDS! I AM WHO I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I AM THE HOLY ONE, I AM YHWH JEHOVAH! I speak – the earth SHAKES, the mountains ROAR! I AM WHO I AM, I AM THAT I AM! Be still children and listen – for the warnings upon your planet will soon cease. Listen while time IS and daylight remains. My prophets have spoken but IT IS I THE ALMIGHTY ONE SPEAKING through them. SOON the hour of TRIBULATION will be upon you. Many will fall, many will be shaken as they were not standing on a firm foundation – the FOUNDATION OF MY WORD and the FAITH THAT COMES FROM KNOWING ME – THE ALL IN ALL. I SEE ALL, I KNOW THE SECRET RECESSES OF YOUR HEARTS. I AM EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING YOU SEEK and some of you do not even BELIEVE I EXIST. But I will show you! I will SPEAK to you in the devastation and destruction upon your planet! You will turn, seeking help to many questions which I ALONE CAN ANSWER. Then you will KNOW, you will SEE, you will EXPERIENCE My wrath through the JUDGMENTS which have come, are coming!

PREPARE yourselves for the BATTLE which has begun in the heavenlies and which will now be manifested on the earth. All of hell will break loose as I will allow satan and his legions to go forth wreaking havoc and destruction. In one hour your country will fall! America, I speak to you! I speak JUDGMENTS UPON YOUR LAND – of the wretched and despairing, immoral, depraved sinners! You have led the world astray but I say NO MORE! The cries of the saints have reached the heavenly hosts and the hour of their redemption will soon be!

‘I AM NOT MOCKED’ sayeth the LORD JEHOVAH! My people, IT IS TIME TO RISE UP! THIS IS FATHER SPEAKING! MY JUDGMENTS WILL BE LOOSED UPON THIS EARTH! Even now as I speak, many are reeling from the shock of losing their homes. Lives will be lost, fortunes will be lost, but many I say will enter into My heavenly Kingdom through these atrocious acts of JUDGMENT and have to choose – either My Kingdom of righteousness, holiness and light or the kingdom of Mine enemy, satan, who fell from grace and lives to kill and destroy what is Mine.

I will raise up a standard, an army the likes that have never been seen before! It will be an army of My chosen ones, My remnant, the bride of my son Yeshua. They will walk in the light wielding great power! Greater than the exploits of all of My earthly saints combined! They will rise up and battle the evil that you see is upon your earth.

‘RISE UP DRY BONES!’ I speak to My church that remains, not the church wherein the false prophets have led them astray. I will return soon for My sheep who belong to me! The HARVEST IS READY to be reaped and I go forth with My angelic hosts to gather them up. The hour of your redemption draws nigh oh sheep! Be ready to enter into My heavenly gates – righteous and holy and pure as I am! No stain of sin shall enter therein. ALL – great and small will stand before My Father in the great and final judgment of the world and then My Kingdom comes. I will reign for a season and then we will enter into the New Jerusalem where I will be your King and you will be My people forevermore! Amen, Amen let it be so!


YESHUA who rides upon the clouds in splendor and glory!

Look for Me in the clouds, the stars, moon and sun! I have placed them there as signs and wonders for these last times!

Scripture Reference:

Joel 3:16 16The LORD also will roar from Zion, And utter His voice from Jerusalem; The heavens and earth will shake; But the LORD will be a shelter for His people, And the strength of the children of Israel.


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