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My Holy Word Will Be Outlawed – Cherrie Archer


My Holy Word Will Be Outlawed

February 11, 2024 9:44 AM
Cherrie Archer

1-31-24     7:23am

Seek Me while I can yet be found.

The time comes swiftly that My Holy Word, truth, will be outlawed.

Those found to have My word will be locked up. My word is a weapon against the enemy and he will make every effort to destroy it.

Do you wonder why those in power are so corrupt?

The love of power and money open the door to possession. No longer do the leaders of the land do what is right for the people. These have sold out to the fallen as Judas sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver so has all of mankind been sold out to suffer as the leaders are paid a ransom.

And what has the fallen to do with this corruption you ask.

The fallen use mans need for power and greed against him. Bribes offered, bribes accepted. Laws ignored, changed, and wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong.

Look around your world, the entire sky covered in chemicals that will allow the fallen to survive above the ground. Presently they are underground.

Man has no idea what he is to see. Mans battle is not against flesh and blood but powers of darkness.


Man Must Pray!

Seek Me while I can yet be found.

There is so little time.

The fallen are being seen more and more. Soon there will be no stopping them.

Mans hearts failing them for fear of what has come upon the earth.

The fallen are destroying food supplies. They do not need what man needs to sustain them.

The fallen poison the air, water and food to make it acceptable to them, not man.

The fallen hate man, created in the image of God. Man can be forgiven. The fallen can not be forgiven.

The fallen are Not small grey creatures only.

There were giants in the land before the flood and after.

The fallen are doomed to roam but the goal is to wipe man from the universe. Destroying man is top priority.

Only the love God has for the human race has given man eternity in heaven if man accepts Jesus gift on the cross as He took all sin upon Him. Man must repent and turn from his sinful ways.

Sin is not allowed in heaven.

Pray against hate, anger, lusts, and desires. Do Not covet those things not yours.

Strive to be like Jesus who loved His enemies no matter the hate they had for Him.

Pray that those who despitefully use you will be saved.

Prepare your heart for what is coming is already here.

The fallen rule the earth through the deceit and greed of man. They are overcome with power and have sold their souls to the evil one.

Evil covers the land, I Am brings destruction as it is written, to wake up the masses that are in a stupor. Unable to ‘see’ what is happening and ‘what’ (the fallen) are doing it.

Pray! Seek Me!



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