MY GREAT NAME – Tess Ann McAllister

Tess Ann MacAlilister



Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today ? Yes daughter I do. Yea I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. It is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. Daughter today I have a word for my people,Saints,true followers disciples servants my remnant end time army and bride. This message is NOT for the lukewarm, wicked, unbelieving, rebellious, unholy, sinful, those living in SIN and wallowing in sin filth. ALL OF THESE WILL GO TO HELL. I will never deliver feel good tickle the ears kinds of messages. My people you need to respect me and take me seriously. I am a serious God I do not play games like the lukewarm churches of Babylon North America.

My people do you realize the power and authority you have when you call on my great name !?!?? Much power and authority can only be found in my name and my will. There is no salvation found in any other. I am he who conquered the grave. My people my remnant listen up for your king is speaking. My people you must be totally surrendered to my will and the will of my father to understand the power you have in my name. My name is above every other name in the universe there is no one like me. I alone can save and deliver. I am the way the truth and the life no one comes unto the father but by me !!!. My people it’s time to take authority through my name over every area of your lives. Do not fall back into the world. Keep your focus on me . You do not know when your last breath will be on this earth and when you will suddenly face me and give an account of your lives to me. I guide and direct you with my righteous right hand. I am he that sits at the right hand of my father alive!!! My people do you hear my voice ? I am calling you !!! The time to rise up my army is now take authority over your lives by pleading my blood and asking for my blood covering. Yes attacks of the enemy will come but I am with you every step of the way when the enemy attacks you my people, he is also attacking me. You are my salt and light in the Earth. You my chosen vessels have been chosen for these last days. You live in a time like no other in history. Continue on the hard narrow path. All will be worth it in the end. I am coming quickly to give to each of you your due reward for serving and loving me; and that reward is eternal life with me in my kingdom. Eternal life is only reserved for those who know me and have a personal relationship with me. I give you the free will to choose I will never force my love grace and forgiveness but I expect you to choose me over this wicked world!!. Do you realize that everything on Earth is temporary including your mortal flesh ? You will not be on Earth forever. As I have said before without holiness no one will see me or the father . My people holiness is key . Yes you are saved by grace through faith but that does not give you the permission to go on sinning intentionally and wallowing in its filth. The stench of sin from the Earth is absolutely nauseating to me and the father and we have had enough . My people I the Lord Jesus hates SIN !!! I taught more on repentance, hell , and holiness more than anything else. Very soon I will remove my faithful followers and cleanse the Earth from the sin filth. I am disgusted by this world. I am holy and just and I judge fairly and justly. I never fail and I have never been wrong. Stand firm in the faith endure until the end stay strong my people I AM COMING SOON!!! SOONER THAN YOU THINK!!! Until then continue to pray, repent, worship me read my Holy word the Bible, talk to me and commune with me as your best friend. My people I am the only one you can trust in these last days. Don’t put your trust, hope, and faith, in anyone else!!! I am the only one you can trust. My promises never fail. I AM FAITHFUL AND TRUE – YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH (KING OF KINGS) JESUS OF NAZARETH

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