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My FATHER IS MIGHT – Victoria Ang


Feb 4, 2020
Victoria Ang


Last night while starting to fall asleep I had a vision of the number 32. Which in Hebrew means “ My FATHER IS MIGHT”!

I than fell asleep and had a dream of seeing the Lord standing in front of me with a long white robe and gold sash around his waist. I was in awe at seeing him .And could feel his love radiating from him .In every direction that somehow flowed in a golden color.I could hear angels singing “Hallelujah “!!! …..

Somehow in the dream I could feel the excitement of those soon joining him. And on the other end the sadness of those that would miss seeing him. I just stood there taking all of this in my mind. In total amazement and pure joy of being in our Lords presence.In the dream he stepped forward to embrace me and I immediately woke up from the dream.

And heard the Lord say” BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY”!

I then was led to look at the time. It was 544. Which means FAITHFULNESS!

I also wanted to share encouragement that almost every single night I have received dreams like ,of things getting restored that have been stolen. Or dreams of the Lords plans for me during the final harvest.I have been greatly encouraged and hope it encourages others as well that continue to remain in faith.

God bless all!!!


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