My cup is full – Krystal Beall

My cup is full

August 9, 2019
Krystal Beall

How grieved I truly am. I look upon the earth6 in this last hour and I weep. I weep for the evil that I see ever before me. I am filled with sorrows and fury. I find very little of they who seek me in sincerity and in truth. I see many who profess me with their lips, yet who’s heart is far from me. Woe be unto the inhabitants of the earth. Woe. I have been rejected by this generation. One can not fathom my sorrow. Not only have you rejected me generation, namely America but ye have robbed me of my most precious fruit. A fruit, My fruit that ye should have never touched. Forbidden it was to you. In my love and mercy I so desired to share with you. I did. How then did ye return my love, my gift? I tell you the truth…with evil! Slamming doors in my face with angry shouts of vulgarity . My hand of mercy rejected. America falls further and further away from me, growing darker and darker. I AM the light of the world and I have been rejected. How dark it truly is. How I grieve that I AM known by so few. Few are they who console this wounded heart. Ah, blessed are ye who do. My cup is full. My fury poured out. Vengeance is mine. I will repay. America has rejected me. I have been cast out of your nation as an unwelcomed intruder. America is a grievances unto me. One can not fathom the tears I have wept and and weeping over America alone. What have ye done? I tell you plainly…YE HAVE REJECTED ME AMERICA!!! Wanting no parts of me as I truly am. Therefore in one hour your destruction does come. Ye would not bend in sorrow and lamentations are a sound that is missing from the nation. I mourn over this abomination…and so shall ye. When the revelation of it all is seen…ye shall weep most bitterly. Have I not wept? Am I not weeping? Yea ..I have. Ye I do. I AM not mocked. I AM not robbed. Woe to you America for your rejection of me. Woe. Many shall feel great sorrows when pierced by my sword. Many have fallen. Many more are to fall. I have told the nation you have rejected me. What do you not understand America? Behold a nation where GOD was rejected and robbed. Watch therefore. Reap what ye have sown. Destruction. Death. Sackcloth…ashes. I will heal. I will restore. I have. Ye shall see my sorrowful fury and ye shall see my glory.


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