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Multiply Food & Healing Sick / Jesus Wings

May 17, 2021 3:09 AM
Tara Anderton

I have had approximately 10 vision all together but two I feel led to share.

1st vision

I was laying in bed feeding my baby watching a YouTube video of a lady I follow who really loves the lord and was taken into my own open eyed vision. Jesus lifted me out of my physical body and I was hovering above my house looking down and there was a massive glowing cross hovering about 10 metres above the house that would be a becon for all those that had spiritual eyes to see and it would serve as a call to those to come to my home for healing and food. Then he took me to the front of my home where people had started to come and wait out the front of my gate. I saw myself healing people in wheel chairs and people that had other physical problems. I was also feeding them. My son and daughter where bringing the food to the door and I was handing it out. I was shown the food being multiplied (as the food was taken more food was appearing in its place) Jesus let me know that he would be multiplying it. Outside there where 3 massive angels watching over me as I healed people in Jesus’s name. I then walked down to my deck where my husband was watching on and healed him. He has had lots of trouble with his teeth and has many missing and I held his face and all his teeth where healed, where there were no teeth – teeth appeared. He stood in shock and amazement holding his face. I then went back to healing people. And the vision ended.


2nd vision

I was reading and hearing a lot about sheltering under Jesus’s wings and I was laying in bed late at night talking to him like I would talk to anyone in a conversation saying ‘but Jesus your not an angel how do you have wings?’ Are they real wings or is it like a metaphor or something. As I was contemplating this, I left my body (my spirit) and I was standing in front of Jesus up in the sky(clouds) he had wings, and then he started to get further and further away from me and as he did I saw his wing getting bigger and he was getting smaller and smaller and the wings bigger and bigger (he was human size but the wings were magnificent and really big and then he zoomed me in so I was close up with the wings like I could reach out and touch them. They were white but not a white I had ever seen and fluffy and perfect. I could see each feather and how it connected and sat perfectly together. Hard to describe really but it was wonderful and then he took me into space so I was looking back at the earth and I could still see Jesus but he was really small and his wings were bigger than the earth and he showed me that one wing sheltered one half of the earth and the other sheltered the other. And then a giant hand (God’s hand I think) reached out and I held that hand and then the vision ended.

Regards Tara Anderton

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