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Much to say – Sarah L

Much to say

Saturday, August 10, 2019 11:20:24 AM
Sarah L

I’d like to share the message I was given yesterday afternoon while in prayer. Some is personal but there are things here that Holy Spirit has led me to share with you. I heard “Confirmations”

” Much to say. End times. Ezekiel 8 and on. I love you, Child. You must prepare. Changes to your monetary system. The comfortable way of American life will end abruptly. Spiritual preparations. Stand in ME. The ONLY way.

The accuser will accuse MY children of sins they have been forgiven of.

Do NOT lose hope. Your FATHER in Heaven sees all, knows all. Vengence is MINE.

Patience as things around you unravel in your country.

MY protection is with individuals NOT the country as a whole.

Saftey is yours if you come to ME first. Do not rely on yourself, Child.(I’ve been prepping food, supplies)

Trust I will shelter and feed you and your children. Your family is special to ME. I see you all. Those who are MINE. I know them. You are MINE, eternally sealed.

Time of giants will return. I have given you power over them, like David.

You’ll be surprised and astonished what I’LL give you power to do in MY name, Child.

I created all this for you. Come to ME always.

I shelter you, Child. My Daughter, My love.

Martial law is coming. AntiChrist spirit in charge of this choice. I allow this.

These judgements are real.

Prepare and warn when you can.

I am coming soon.

(I asked..Real chaos or fake news?)

Demons know the hour.

All those taken, if unrepentant suffer in Sheol forever. Strong child. Stay strong in ME.

8/11 Is a rabbit hole from the enemy(many are predicting terror today)

Plans are being made (I asked..Terror strike?)

Yes, Child.

The people in your nation are terrified.

Those in ME need NOT FEAR. You are in a protected area.

MY plan, I knew this day.

Well Brother, that’s it!! If you feel led to share parts or all, feel free.

Pray you are having a blessed day.

Your sister in YESHUA,

Sara L


Thursday, July 25, 2019 4:48:22 PM

I shared my 6 year old daughters dream about Abraham Lincoln. She and I both hear from the LORD in dreams.

I’d like to share some of what I heard in prayer on the night of the 23rd of July…

Plans of peace but first war. Prepare..Must be prepared. Judgements will come. The great earthquake (saw flash of calendar Sept) will shake the Midwest. Oregon but felt into Illinois. When you see this sign know that I am near. Not to harm you. (saw flash of My family being picked up in giant hands, a mouth blew us to a beautiful safe garden, I was at the Lord’s feet) There I will walk among you….

Holy Spirit did not give the exact date of the quake.The calendar flash vision very well could have been my own spirit, the giant hands were not my carnal mind…

I don’t usually have flash visions. I do not share anything unless I’m moved to do so. I was moved to share it with you.


Love your Sister in Christ,


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