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Mothership Over The Highway – The Pen

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Mothership Over The Highway

July 3, 2020
The Pen
J. saw this online today
and was led to do a confirmation word.

I would first like to say that I have always detested fiction and science fiction since I was a child for two reasons. First I have had enough trouble coping with reality, (my childhood was a living hell) why do I need to waste time on a false one. As a youngster I read a book on a collie dog named Lad. At the end of the book, he died. I was so devastated I stop reading fiction altogether. Second, the Lord revealed to me in my early teens that Banks, Governments, Science/Scientists were given over to the evil one, and working together for nefarious purposes. So science fiction, extraterrestrials, horror movies, videos, aliens were all anathema to me. I totally ignored all those constructs. I knew aliens were demons from my childhood. They are so ugly. God does not make monsters or anything intentionally ugly or weird. Black is not the color of God or His Light.

This Spring while driving back from grocery shopping in a small town with a friend, paying attention to the road only, my friend in the front seat said, “What is that?” I peered out the windshield into the sky directly above us and was shocked. A black metal circular mothership was hovering directly over us, up about 100 feet in the sky. A thin layer of white cloud-like material was partially masking it and assuming the same shape as the spaceship itself. Just covering it up to the outer edge. It was the size of a football field; huge! The cloud was fake it was the semi-transparent and the exact same shape, not possible in nature. The underside was all we saw. There was a center circle and metal rays from the center out to the outside edge all around the disc. The metal was black and support ridges were built into each of the myriad rays from the center disc. The black was slightly pearlized.

We started to pray out loud and I stepped on the gas, and sped away praying for the protection of God. I had a interior knowledge that they were targeting us specifically. To see our reaction? I was not afraid, we just prayed. They had no power over us. The Great Deception Is Here And Now!


– Soon everyone will see these monsters. They have been released from the Abyss.
– We were totally protected by God Almighty when we prayed for protection.
– Get ready for the inevitable, science fiction will be science fact, but all deception. – I honestly accepted the whole incident as part of God’s Will and not a horror.
– The fear factor was nil so do not worry, Pray Psalm 91 Every Day!


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