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Most heartbreaking and vengence – Steve Holmes

Most heartbreaking and vengence

Feb 19, 2020 9:28 AM
Steve Holmes

February 19, 2020 6:20 AM

Last night, I asked the Lord to share with me whatever grieves his heart the most.  I didn’t know.  Woke up at 2:30 and heard, “late term abortions.”  He then explained that while he is indeed God Almighty, Jesus is also a human being like you and me, and EVERY child is one of his own, no exceptions.  I saw us sitting together on a bench in a lovely cemetery as he wept and explained that nobody asks him about HIS rights as a father of his unborn children.  He is utterly broken in pain that a mother could bring a baby to full term and then slaughter it like it is soulless meat.  When was Jesus given the chance to rejoice over the birth of that sinless child that will one day need his sacrifice for when they sin?  Where are his parental rights to spend time with his little child?  Where is his opportunity to bless and help raise his little one?  Where is his child’s opportunity to be blessed and comforted by him while that baby suckles at it’s mother’s breast, rocking in a chair in the middle of the night?  Where is his opportunity to be part of his child’s birthday parties, first day of school and proud moments of accomplishment while growing into adulthood?  Where are his rights to correct and teach his child with conviction and discipline when they stray and err?  Where is his right to enjoy his child’s graduation from school, fall in love, get married and bring new life into the world?  Where is his right to bring that infant to maturity, salvation and a relationship with him?

I wept with him in the cemetery when he looked around at the memorials to lives that have passed and he said, “they don’t even have the decency to give my murdered children a burial in a place of honor.  Instead they sell their bodies in parts for profit or discard them as medical trash.”

Then Abba spoke to me.  He said he has a father’s heart too.  Where were his parental rights honored as the creator of all things?  He is angry over the fact that his son continues to weep in agony of heart pain beyond measure over his children being slaughtered and unloved.  He reminded me that some children are conceived specifically for sacrificing to Satan in late term abortions.  He has hit his limit.  This has pushed him from “happpy, loving and forgiving father” into God of “anger, judgment, wrath and revenge.”

America, those 4 words should terrify you to your bone marrow and to your knees.  He said to me, “My word says, ‘Vengence is mine, I WILL REPAY’.”  I heard details.  He told me to proclaim a dirge, and for 30 minutes he gave me the words for it.  Suffice it to say, America shall be no more and doesn’t deserve to be.  He told me that he has destroyed nations for less wickedness than thrives and is celebrated and worshipped in America.  He said this nation is far worse than mankind before he destroyed the earth with a flood at the time of Noah.  He said the sins of this nation greatly exceed those of Sodom and Gomorrah and he is going to destroy it with fire hotter than the surface of the sun, and his judgment amounts to casting the whole country alive into hell.  That means this nation will be destroyed forever by nuclear weapons.  He indicated that the daily accumulation of human feces on the sidewalks in San Francisco is typical of the heart of that city and of this nation.  He said Las Vegas, “Sin City,” isn’t fooling him: “every wicked abomination that happens in Vegas comes before my throne in full view.”

Put away your idolatrous “democratic socialist/MAGA Nation” delusions!  Repent of the wickedness of this entire country!  God is NEVER going to bless America again!  He said this country should have been on it’s face confessing it’s sins and weeping before him the minute we heard about COVID-19, but once again, we have squandered the time.  He said this nation has sold it’s soul and future to have fun.

“This reprobate, rebellious, stiff-necked nation is going to receive my just recompence for the pain it has continued to cause my Son.  I am unleashing the vengence and fury of my wrath against this unrepentant, self worshipping, wicked, remorseless nation.  It shall become a barren wasteland, a hissing, a by-word and an astonishment before your eyes and in your generation- and all of the nations of this world shall know that I am YAHWEH, Sovereign God Almighty, and that I am righteous and just.”

Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great and a habitation of demons and prison every impure spirit…

Revelation 18.

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