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More Warnings on the Dangers of the Covid-19 Vaccine

December 4, 2020 11:46 AM

I was watching a YouTube video by Melissa of Midnight-Hour-Oil titled ‘WARNING: The Mark of The Beast – Don’t Take it “IN ERROR”!’ 11.9.20. I was keenly interested as I had received a warning from the Holy Spirit on the Covid-19 vaccine which I shared in a recent post on this site ‘Alert My People of the Coming Vaccine!’ 11.7.20. In this video Dr Christiane Northrup explains what’s really going on behind the Covid vaccines. The excerpt follows.

“There’s never been a vaccine like this. Its an RNA vaccine. It is what’s called a trans infection. It will fundamentally change people’s DNA……This one has the usual non-human DNA like you know monkeys, maybe fetal cells, pigs….So it begins to make what’s called chimers c – h – i – m – e – r introducing non-human DNA into our bodies. What is worse though is that there is a patent and work that they’ve done at MIT to make a dye and the patent, the dye is called luciferase and under a light you’d be able to see who was vaccinated, who wasn’t.

And the deal is to store your biometric information because this vaccine will have nano particles, nano crystalline particles that are actually little robots and they have like little antennas – and they will have the ability to take your biometric data – not only your vaccine record but your breathing, your heart rate, your activity…drugs that you’re taking, where you travel, all of that and then take that data and store it in the cloud.”

The Holy Spirit has given many warnings against taking the Covid vaccine. Taking the vaccine for whatever reason would be tantamount to the spiritual death of your soul. Many individuals who refuse to take the vaccine now sadly will take a different stance when they find out they will not be able to hold a job or participate in many of the aspects of society they are accustomed to. Change is coming.

There is a push to produce the vaccine and then inoculate the masses, beginning with those most susceptible. It will only be a matter of time before my number or your number is up. The Holy Spirit had also given me a message about using this time now to choose not to take the vaccine. (‘You Must Choose Now to Not Take the Mark or the Vaccine‘ posted 8.19.20 on this site). You have to determine in your heart now that you will not take the vaccine no matter what. The day of reckoning is coming soon for many who profess to know Jesus. Will you be ready to stand in that day? Ask the Holy Spirit for the courage and wherewithal to stand and to persevere. We cannot rely on our own strength or willpower but on the strength of the Lord Jesus Himself who said He would be with us always. May we persevere to the end.

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