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More on the Three Days of Darkness

May 26, 2020 8:28 PM

On 5.22.20 I received a word – ‘tell them this weekend’. I knew that the Holy Spirit was referring to the Three Days of Darkness as it has been uppermost on my mind. The ‘them’ the Holy Spirit was referring to was my adult children specifically, as they do not know the Lord and I was concerned over their lost state and over this coming judgment.

The next morning I was looking out my window and I heard in my spirit ‘It will come on a day like this’. Again, I knew this was another reference to the Three Days of Darkness. I glanced at the time – it was 12:58pm on a beautiful Saturday morning and from what I could see – perfect blue skies. I also heard ‘soon’ and ‘when you least expect it’ followed by ‘always be at the ready children. Always be prepared as in battle formation for it comes with a vengeance. It comes’.

I went back to look at a video posted 12.1.19 by Linda Courtney, a You Tube messenger who I believe has received the most detailed word on the Three Days of Darkness by far. Below are highlighted excerpts of the word this messenger was given.

‘I AM THAT I AM. My plan and purpose shall stand. What I spoke of concerning the Three Days of Darkness is yet to come to pass. This is your last warning. Many of you believe My words as revealed by My Holy Spirit to be true and yet you scoff at preparing for future events. I Almighty God also desire to have you keep in mind John 1:5…’

‘And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.’

‘Therefore do not fear for My son Jesus Christ is indeed the Light of the World and as you abide in Him He will be your light…Now I speak of the days to come. The days that approach quickly now will arrive as a ‘suddenly’ and all will be in shock. I have already dispatched My holy protector and warrior angels to stand guard over My chosen and elect ones. I Almighty God call upon you to be strong and courageous when the darkness falls. Place John 1:5 every minute of the day in your heart. My beloved son Jesus the Christ will give you the anointing power and courage you’ll need in the future if you focus on Him. I now call on My holy Army, My born again children to rise up in your God given authority and speak to others of what is coming. Also I would admonish you not to quarrel concerning the actual time when suddenly this event takes place. The timing is not for you to know. When this happens the world will be caught off guard but during the sudden event you will well understand and fear will leave you if you focus on Jesus Christ…Even though My plan stands and I will not change My mind, I ask My children to ask of Me what I would have them to do and I will answer.’

I was glad of the words given to me by the Holy Spirit and by messengers such as Linda Courtney. I pray that my children, family members and other lost souls hear the warnings that we’re sharing with them before it’s too late. As I’m writing all this down, the Holy Spirit just gave me another word on the Three Days of Darkness…‘Tell them it’s coming’.

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