Prophecy, Three Days of Darkness

VITAL Update on Three Days and Nights of Darkness – Linda Courtney

VITAL Update on Three Days and Nights of Darkness

Dec 1, 2019
Linda Courtney

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hi good afternoon
YouTube world I’m here with a message
that I just received from the Holy
Spirit and I thought I should put it on
camera right away I feel that the Lord
considers it important and it’s probably
going to be one of those controversial
ones which I really am not too excited
about that aspect of it but you know
people will agree or disagree and that’s
up to them but it’s my responsibility to
give you what the Holy Spirit has given
to me now I received several
confirmations of this and the scripture
that this is based on is John chapter 1
verse 5 where the darkness could not
comprehend the light and of course it’s
speaking of Jesus Christ being the light
of the world
when darkness falls he is the light so
John 1 verse 5 okay we’re going to read
this it does pertain to the days of
darkness people have asked me for the
last few weeks have I had any update on
the days of darkness and I said no but I
have one here today so I will just read
it as the Holy Spirit gave it to me
my beloved daughter I call on you this
last day of your November 30th to write
concerning the darkness that is soon to
fall upon your sinful nation and the
world as I Almighty God have watched the
naysayers for the many months since the
warning was first given I say to them
now shut your mouths
I have had many true servants of my son
the Lord Jesus Christ sound the alarm
the messenger writing this is only one
of many listen I beg of you to consider
the wind as it blows in the trees you
can hear the wind but your eyes cannot
see the windows of
blows this holds true for the way I work
through my holy spirit in the universe
there are times you can seek limps Asaf
what I’m doing either through science or
nature but you do not understand my
entire plan for it is as the wind and I
blow it however I desire many of you
even my two children have a very limited
understanding of me and as humans say
they tried to put me in their little box
no I say a thousand times no I am like
the wind and more so I am NOT a God that
can be contained for I feel all of what
I feel all in all in all times and
spaces both known and unknown to you my
domain is heaven the universe above
below and all the width thereof that is
why I am called the great I am I am that
I am my plan and purpose shall stand
what I spoke of concerning the three
days of darkness is yet to come to pass
this is your last warning many of you
believe my words is revealed by my Holy
Spirit to be true
and yet you scoff at preparing for
future events I all mighty God also
desire to have you keep in mind John 1:5
verse John 1:5 and the light shines in
darkness and the darkness comprehended
it not therefore do not fear for my son
Jesus Christ is indeed the light of the
and as you and as you abide in him he
will be your light as he is your light
you become my light to others do not
hide your light under a basket but let
it shine brightly testify of me Almighty
God lift your voice and proclaim me to
the world and to your world that is my
desire for you my beloved children how
can others believe in me if they have
not even heard of me this world is full
of noise and clamor and I call upon you
my true ones to lift your voices above
the noise and speak my love to the
people who are lost and on their way to
hell now I speak of the days to come the
days that approached quickly now will
arrive as a suddenly and all will be in
shock I have already dispatched my holy
protector and warrior angels to stand
guard over my chosen and elect ones I
Almighty God call upon you to be strong
and courageous when the darkness falls
place John 1:5 every minute of the day
in your heart my beloved son Jesus the
Christ will give you the anointing power
and courage you’ll need in the future if
you focus on him I now call on my holy
army my book born-again children to rise
up and your god-given Authority and
speak to others about what is coming
also I would admonish you not to quarrel
concerning the actual time when suddenly
this event takes place the timing is not
for you to know when this happened
the world will be caught off guard but
during the sudden event you will well
understand and fear will leave you if
you focus on Jesus Christ some of my
children say oh we don’t need to prepare
for our earthly future for wrap the
rapture will come first others say the
opposite in we do need to prepare
remember the wind the wind can blow one
way then change course and blow in
another direction even though my plan
stands I will not change and I will not
change my mind
I ask my children to ask of me what I’d
have them to do and I will answer so let
me repeat even though my plan stands I
will not change my mind I ask my
children to ask of me what I’d have them
to do and I will answer darkness
darkness such as you’ve never seen will
descend suddenly in that darkness
resides evil and that evil will visit
your earth do not be deceived when this
happens and test every spirit by my holy
word the scripture be on guard at all
times and I will guide you into all
truth my beloved one soon thereafter
soon thereafter my glory shall shine as
the clouds roll back as a scroll the
king of kings and Lord of lords is sued
you make his glorious appearance he will
return indeed to this earth my beloved
ones will be one with him and great will
be your eternal joy trust me my children
for I am the great
I am and by my Holy Spirit speak the
truth to you this day I am now
positioning my holy angels around the
world for the battles that will begin be
at peace as your trust as you trust in
the Lord your God this message is given
to my beloved ones whom I shall be with
eternally in the name of Jesus Christ
the Lord amen and amen
so there isn’t your update on the days
of darkness where God reiterates that
it’s even sooner than it was when we
first announced this some time ago
Julie Whedbee is one of the messengers
of this sister Barbara’s another there
are many many more I am only one of many
i but you know we all agree the message
all agrees we agree with each other
basically now I do recall in the first
message in March that the Lord gave me
he did say that there would be a cosmic
display take place just shortly very
shortly before the darkness descends and
that wasn’t included in this message
today but I would still believe that’s
all God’s Word and sometimes when he
gives a message he alters it a bit and
there’s no no disbelief in that it still
retains its continuity it retains the
full intent of the message and I just
thought it would ask add that because
some of you are probably going to ask
that question of me other than that it’s
exactly the same just word it a bit
differently and if you have any doubt at
all please go on the internet
and do a search under the three days of
darkness and you’re going to find a lot
of messengers like I said that are
saying the same thing as this message
today and the one the last day of March
and all the others so I would admonish
you to believe this is the truth it is
coming and you know what shortly after
that maybe years three years seven years
something like that
I wasn’t told and neither were you but
shortly after that the king of kings and
Lord of lords returns as the king and
how awesomely wonderful that will be
thank you for being with me and
listening to this word god bless you and
I’ll see you next time thank you for
being here today
and if you have any questions I would
say do two things go to the Word of God
you can also go to some of my prior
videos that I have given you scriptures
many scriptures on the days of darkness
and go to some of the other messengers
that will give you the same message so
you can be assured this is from the Holy
thank you again bye bye for now


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