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March 1, 2020
Glynda Lomax

I was in prayer this morning (Sunday) when the Lord revealed to me that Plan B has been placed into action by the enemies of our President (Plan A was to impeach him).

I was shown that Plan B is to feed him misinformation through very high level enemies near him so he will use it, speak it and make decisions based on it and look like a complete idiot. THIS, the Lord revealed, is why President Trump seemed to not care about the Coronavirus. Its not he doesn’t care, its that he has been fed lies by his enemies so he will appear not to care.

I was also shown a vision in my spirit of our President trapped in a maze. The maze was built by the enemy and the people working for him against the President. The Lord showed me their plans have reached a very dangerous new level of darkness we need to pray against.

My children, the enemy is very active in the government of America and he is working to control you, the people.


I desire you would pray against this, and pray for My will and only My will to be done in this nation.

2 Timothy 3:1-5

  • 1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
  • For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
  • Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
  • Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
  • Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

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  1. Karen

    Wow! Early this morning, I too, had a dream with the President in it. He, on numerous occasions, had went down a man-made tunnel to a hand-dug out cavern, but this time on his return everything filled with water and he was in the cavern on his way out through the tunnel. The water filled everything, and he just held his breath and kept walking up and out. Literally, he is in ‘way over his head’.

  2. Franklin Revels

    All things, people is under God’s say so. So pray God’s Heart and Will be done .
    God love all, hate’s sin and is,will, fixing everything. God is always in control.
    God is Truth , Holy, Right and more then able to put down sin and protect the office of the president, and all leaders great and small.
    Pray Pray Pray and tell God, How thankful you are for All His Is, As The “I AM” . Jesus show us all how faithful God is going though what He did on the Cross. Jesus and His “Blood” is able , more than able to overcome any sin, sin full type person, or evil devil. Repent of all Sin and Get your life under the Jesus’s “Blood” and be safe .
    Jesus is Lord, King, Savior, Friend and Our Hero.
    You all are Loved.

  3. Fred Fisherman

    As far as Plan “B” is concerned, I don’t think Trump needs any help from anyone.
    Look at the fruit of the person.

  4. Franklin Revels

    Glynda, We all are not perfect but come short of the mark or Glory of God. So Pray for The President of the USA. We killed about 60 baby’s in the USA so far and life’s of people sold into the sex slaves in the USA is hell on earth. Our sins and us not repenting of sin is the Problem. God is perfect and will not want people to go into the Lake of fire but repent and be wash by the Blood of the Lamb. Bless you and everyone. Keep Praying all, time about over.

  5. Karen

    I just want to add that this COVID-19 disease doubles about every 6.6 days and most times, flu season starts slowing down in April. Right now there is about 100 infected and by April that would be about 3500 people infected and the kill rate is 2% – that’s only 70 deaths. If these numbers bear true, there really is no reason to panic.

  6. Ming

    Watch out for the 5G – rolling out all over the world –


    Please pray for the US President & VP as stated in HIS Word (1 Timothy 2:2)

  7. Trump: chosen by the god of this world for a time such as this.

    I know who Trump is and where his peace plan sits – they can point the finger at Jerod Kushner, or say another will confirm the covenant, but the man of sin is behind this and his name is on it. He has come in his own name after all. Trump.

    When Trump first came on the scene I was a supporter of Trump, and I probably would have voted for him if I had been an American. My wife all along said that he was wicked to the core and questioned how any follower of Jesus could follow this man. After a while, not wanting to be deceived by my own flesh and desire for Trump to succeed, I asked The Lord in prayer to show me who Trump was/is. He answered very clearly “Trump is a deceiver” – this was The Lord speaking and no preacher will tell me that it wasn’t (although many have tried).

    A few weeks ago, God gave me a dream to confirm the peace plan and what would happen. God has blessed me with the gift of prophetic dreams, although often it doesn’t feel much like a blessing.

    This is the dream;

    I was sitting in the white house, lots of other people were seated around on big comfortable chairs and drinking and laughing and relaxing. It was a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and Trump was in the middle of it seated on a big chair – dressed in white. In fact, the whole place was white/clean and luxurious. It felt almost perfect for a moment.
    I looked down and noticed I was naked. Suddenly, I felt ashamed. I stood up to make my way out of the room, feeling deeply ashamed at my nakendness and as I began to move toward the door to leave Trump called out to me and said “Here, take this!.” Trump held out his hand and offered me a blue towel/cloth and said “It’s for you to cover yourself with”
    I looked at the cloth closely and could see as I began to examine it, that it wasn’t blue but black and blue (chequered) – not what it seemed to begin with. I knew in the spirit Trump was saying, “You don’t need to feel any shame, I have got what you need to cover your nakedness – take it and stay and relax here with these others in this luxury”
    That’s when The Holy Spirit confirmed Trump is the antichrist. He sits in the place of God and those who like what he offers have taken it. This is the mark of the beast and it starts in the spirit.
    “That’s not mine” I said, and left.

    Many are deceived by Trump and they are in my prayers. I hope The Lord opens their eyes to The Truth of who this man is. Trump is antichrist.

    God bless.

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