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August 8, 3:14 AM


Yesterday I was having such a peaceful day deep deep peace this is the second time I felt such a peace brethren I’m sure its a fortaste of what we will feel when the evil is bound during the mirror of eternity. Anyway God has a special peace reserved for us during these times .lately I value peace which is rare for me in this ongoing warefare I don’t know If you ever felt like you are attacked all day everyday-
But of course we always win!!! then I asked God to talk to me which he did concerning this peace I felt.

Today I had a dream:

This morning I saw The sky turn red I was with my mum and sister In the lounge I rushed outside to see outside then I see white white Clouds very white they were so low some were touching the ground
Further from where we were.then I see now extremely dark clouds So abnormal they are moving looks like there are creatures inside They inflict terror! So i tell my Mother and sister give me blankets and pegs to cover the windows and I tell them “don’t look” now we Are rushing to cover the windows Then I say its okay slow down we Have seven days to prepare and tell our loved ones.then I see the dark Clouds rolling like waves and they launch deep beneath the surfaces Of the earth and I hear splashes and see water flying to the air just behind our neighbour Then I say to mum “God has fulfilled his prophecy concerning this area”


God has shown me the mirror of eternity and 3 days of darkness at once!

The fulfilled prophecy God told me 22 May 2020 in a dream “I am tired of people who have heard of my word but don’t repent I will do something about it” in that dream I saw large cracks on the surface of the earth and extremely large rocks revealed beneath also saw flooding.when God spoke I saw His body across the sky it was specifically in St Chads Ladysmith. The events will follow each other time is short that’s why I saw them at once that the destruction came twice means that God has decided and will do it soon.

The darkclouds represents the darkness that will soon invade the earth-fallen ones. During The above dream I was anxious to prepare BT no fear! Was just Excited to see Gods words coming to pass.I am waiting for the tests

Trials and calamities without these no rapture! “I pray for you.you pray for me. I love you i need you to survive”- ancient song.Shalom be with you!


2 Chronicles 20:20 ” People of Judah and Jerusalem! Put your trust in the Lord your God and you will stand firm. Believe what his Prophets tell you and you will succeed”

Philippians 4:7 And Gods peace which which is far beyond human understanding will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ

Genesis 41:32 The repetition of your dream means that the matter is fixed
By God and that he will make it happen in the near future


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  1. Carla

    Amen ! I wonder if the 7 days to prepare can also mean 7 years? 7 weeks. ?
    Thank you for sharing. Definately preparing now ! Staying ready at all times 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. Only A Grain of Sand posted a couple words about the Mirror of Eternity that each person would see during the 3 days of darkness. Some others have mentioned how the Lord would appear to every individual at this time to give them a chance to repent and accept him as savior. It’s mind-boggling to realize that some won’t which truly shows how hardened their hearts are and how reprobate their minds have become.

  3. Daniel, what of believers who have already accepted Him? Will it be a life review and a chance to repent of u confessed sins? Or will we as Christians be given a judgement on what we have done and if we have pleased Him or not?

  4. Chris, that is a good question. I can’t really answer that question but I have linked the most recent of the 2 words received by Only a Grain of Sand:


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