Minister To Me – M Goss

Minister To Me

Aug 14, 2019, 6:36 PM
M Goss

Hello brothers and sisters I had such a beautiful encounter with the Father this afternoon and asked if I could share this encounter and message and He encouraged me to do so. I pray you are blessed by this.

As I was spending time with the Lord in His presence, I was taken to a high mountain peak and the Lord said step off and minister to Me.
And I asked Him how do I minister to You? And He responded;

Write ME a poem.
Write ME a song.
Have joy.
Tell ME your heart’s desires Speak to ME of the beauty of MY creation.
Speak to ME of the light and the love you see.
Read MY word to ME Desire ME as I desire you. Ask ME and I will show you.
Speak to ME and I will speak to you.
Draw close to ME and I will draw close to you.
I want to share with you MY thoughts.
I want to share with you MY heart.
The deep hidden things, if you so desire.
Minister to ME,
I minister to you.
Speak to ME,
I speak to you.

Your Adonai

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