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Mind Controlled Zombies – Misty Gillis


Mind Controlled Zombies

March 25, 2021 11:50 AM
Misty Gillis
End Time Dreams And Visions

Last night, I had a dream.

I dreamed I was warning people about the jab and nobody listened. God showed me in this dream, the jab is the mark and the quantum dot tattoo goes along with this, it’s almost like the jab is a part and so is the quantum dot tattoo, is a part of it as well. I remember going to a lot of people in this dream telling them not to get the jab, but they went ahead, and did it anyways. I remember everyone that was around me in the dream had taken the jab, and you had to be very careful who you talked to in the dream. Especially to people who had taken the jab because they were mind controlled.

I remember one man specifically, I asked him if he had taken it and he said I don’t know, I don’t think so, and I warned him that the jab is the mark. Whatever you do don’t take the jab, and he said okay and that he wouldn’t take it. Well later in the dream, I physically saw them give him the jab, and the man who was there was a third person, not the doctor, and he had the most evil grin or smile on his face, when he said first test has been administered. I remember seeing this man, like I heard a click of it being done, and I remember seeing him and it was like these people turned into zombies. This man added that he was no longer himself. (This literally felt like something out of a movie.)

You would watch these people were no longer recognizable to God and no longer an actual person. All of these people, had been mind controlled, and this world was not the same anymore. I remember this man in the dream had it out against me because he knew I tried to warn ppl against taking it. I also heard him speak about coming out against me, and against anyone who didn’t receive this jab was to be killed. They personally went after ppl who didn’t take it. I remember hearing that and running to find a safe place to hide where they wouldn’t find me. I woke up.

Please take all dreams in prayer to the Lord, this is the second dream I have had for 2 nights in a row concerning this.

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