Millions claim ‘I am a christian’ yet lifestyle choices and behavior speak otherwise – Ali Winters

Ali Winters
Tuesday, April 30, 2019

America has rejected God…her laws, her lifestyle attest to the fact that she now serves another.

The following is written from a heavy heart, burdened by the sins of America. As each day passes, the heaviness of my heart increases.

Sheep slumber as America languishes in pornography, homosexuality, murder and drugs. Eyes dimmed – Americans search for fun and frolic among the filth within American society. Weasels fill pulpits as the weak welcome their message of prosperity, tolerance and unity among religions. The message of sin and sanctification replaced by a kinder, more palatable gospel that tickles the ear but hardens the heart to the things of God. The church, called to be a beacon on a hill, a Lighthouse for the blind has become a den of thieves, robbers whose agenda is power, relevance and money. You measure success by the size of your pocketbook, your congregation, your programs; God measures success by your obedience to His Word.

Each day that passes brings us another day closer to the judgments of God. Each day evil is allowed to roam freely up and down the streets and alleys of America sin enlarges itself. America has exchanged her roots for riots, her foundations for folly and her god for good times. Abortion, gender identity, illegals, corruption…have brought America to the brink of disaster. God, our only hope, lies buried somewhere between the pages of dusty old books that have little relevance or interest to today’ citizen. Millions claim ‘I am a christian’ yet lifestyle choices and behavior speak otherwise.

The remnant is small, small but powerful as we fall to our knees, acknowledging our dependence and love for Jehovah God. We are not ashamed of the gospel, we know The Truth of The Word and are not ashamed to take a stand for our faith. Weary warriors; continue to fight. In the midst of turmoil, fight. Fight when all seems lost and faith shaky…fight. Pastors, teachers, preachers of The Truth stand strong. Keep fighting the good fight of faith.

ali at 11:36 AM

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  1. Masculino

    Se o sal for insípido com que se há de salgar?

  2. Welle

    the best way to fight that fight with FATHERS WORD (THE BEST WEAPON USE IT AND

  3. David Mehew

    I’ve experienced in my life that there has been a gradual change in people. I’m thinking it comes from Satanic/Luciferian sources that have worked through music, entertainment, tv, media, and education. There is a polarizing influence that has greatly affected the beliefs and ideologies of people to be accepting or tolerating ideas that can only come from a dark place. It is extremely difficult to find encouragement and inspiration without an all out effort to shut these influences out. It’s very disturbing.

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