Message: “The End” – Alfred Steinecker

Alfred Steinecker

November 18, 2018

Dear brothers and sisters,

thank you so much for your continuous great support for all of us!

Tonight, during a meditation (a prayer to our father), I unexpectedly received a scroll sealed with a red seal.
(see image attached, looked like this)

“Read and announce!” I was asked. I felt that this contained an important and significant message from our Father.

Therefore, today on Sunday, I decided to prepare calmly for the receipt of the message, to allow myself time for reading and writing.

At 3:00 pm the time had come.

I spiritually opened the seal of the scroll and immediately received the title of this message.
It is entitled “The End”.

I immediately sensed the importance, but I had no idea what was being transmitted to me.

I admit that at first I was reluctant to share this message, but I now follow the request to proclaim this message. It is not easy for me because of the content.

However, despite the announcement of a coming hard time, it contains encouraging words addressed to his children.

(Note: I felt that a certain group of his children were being addressed, “the virgins who took care of their oil”)

The pen went by itself as I wrote the message line by line.

Only then, after rereading, did I realize the intensity of this message.

I received the message in German (see below) and translate it into English:

Message “The End”

Sunday, November 18, 2018
3:00pm CET
through Alfred

“Beloved people,
My children,

Now is the time when you have to be strong
full of power and confidence in Me.

The horizon will turn dark
and the waves will roar.

Be full of courage when the snow falls,
when it seems to take your breath away.

You will be challenged
in the coming days of darkness.

But I will protect you,
and be very close to you.

Be brave when the wind seems to kill you
and you believe to be abandoned.

Be brave when you step into the darkness,
because it will be short-lived.

Do not lose hope
because you carry the faith in Me deep in your heart.

It’s going to be a time of turmoil and chaos,
however, you are always protected in My arms.

Be the light for those,
who seek a way out in the dark.

You are My children
who enlighten the way through love
for those who are without hope.

You are My children
I love so much.

Be ready!

Your Father,
who loves you for all eternity”

Here is the German version for reference because I’m not an English native speaker:

Botschaft “Das Ende”

„Geliebte Menschen,

meine Kinder,

nun ist der Zeitpunkt gekommen, an dem Ihr stark sein müsst,

voller Kraft und Vertrauen in Mich.

Der Horizont wird sich dunkel färben,

und die Wellen werden tosen.

Seid voller Mut, wenn der Schnee fällt,

Euch den Atem zu rauben scheint.

Ihr werdet gefordert sein

in den kommenden Tagen der Dunkelheit.

Aber Ich werde Euch beschützen,

ganz nahe bei Euch sein.

Seid tapfer, wenn der Wind Euch zu töten scheint

und Ihr euch verlassen glaubt.

Seid tapfer, wenn Ihr in die Dunkelheit tretet,

denn sie wird nur von kurzer Dauer sein.

Verliert nicht die Hoffnung,

denn Ihr tragt den Glauben an Mich tief in Eurem Herzen.

Es wird eine Zeit der Tumulte und des Chaos,

jedoch seid Ihr immer in Meinen Armen behütet.

Seid das Licht für die,

die in der Dunkelheit einen Ausweg suchen.

Ihr seid Meine Kinder,

die durch die Liebe den Weg erleuchten,

für die, die ohne Hoffnung sind.

Ihr seid Meine Kinder,

die Ich so sehr liebe.

Seid bereit!

Euer Vater,

der Euch liebt in alle Ewigkeit“

In deep love



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