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August 10, 2022 8:47 AM

August 10, 2022

The Speaker of The House has made a prearranged gesture with your mortal enemy, Oh America by visiting Taiwan. Not only was it was a distraction, to take away focus and attention, on the recent scandal/car accident of her own husband, but it was a board room meeting project decision as a signal to all the world elites, the time has come to move to the next level of WWIII. The coming invasion by the Red Dragon, of Taiwan. Madam Speaker and the present leadership of America, the parties of the Red & Blue have sold out their people, to the NWO & or the Red Dragon.

Do Not Think they will survive this treachery, for I AM will smash their plans like so much cinders/sparks & ash blown by a strong wind on a smoldering dying fire. Never in the history of the world, has the leadership of any nation or people sold-out their own, as the elites of America have done at this time. Their allegiance is to satan alone! But he hates them as much as the true Children of God AND will abandon them in turn, one by one as they pass this world and fall into the three pits of Hell. Their shock & awe at their own fate will echo through all eternity, for they have also sacrificed their own children, and in some cases their spouses and families, as directed by the snake king, to prove their true allegiance to his diabolical directives.

This is the worst of the worst generations since Adam & Eve, for they are SEVEN TIMES MORE EVIL than the monsters who promulgated, hatched and directed WWII. You Vile Vipers Have Hissed With The father of lies A Song Of Hate, Murder & Annihilation. Your Pus Filled Hearts Are Engorged On Your Victims Blood & Suffering And Last Breaths That You Relish With Satanic Joy!

But your end is near, all you Quislings, you traitors of flesh & blood, home & hearth, people & nation & your Creator God The Father Almighty, who created you at the beginning of time, in Love, to spend your eternity in His Heaven as His Children forever & ever. I AM HAS HAD ENOUGH!


Photos courtesy Depositphotos 

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